PTS 012 - VigilantSpectre and TacDaddy

Practically TacticalIn this episode we talk to the man who breaks everything on YouTube, VigilantSpectre. We also TacDaddy who is our special co-host this episode. In this episode we talk about Asymmetric Solutions, Florida Firearms Training, Shot Show, Defensive Options, and Glock 42.

Practically Tactical - Episode 12

Date: January 22, 2013

Start Time: 7PM CST

Length: Until we are done

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory

Special Guest: VigilantSpectre

“Special” Co-Host: TheTacDaddy


Good evening YouTube and welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 12! Practically Tactical is a LIVE show where we talk about guns, gear and shooting.

Tonight our special guest will be VigilantSpectre Operations from YouTube! Tonight joining us as a “special” co-host will also be TheTacDaddy!

Links to our guest and panel channels and social media are all below in the description, so please be sure to check them out! Be sure to put your questions into the chat or the G+ Q&A app as we will have an entire dedicated segment to audience questions during the show.

HGN’s Segment - Who is your TacDaddy, and what does he do?

Let’s start the show with a segment we call,

In this segment we will learn a little bit about our “special” co-host and our guest for tonight’s show.

  • TacDaddy can you tell us about your background?

    • Did you grow up around guns?

    • How did you get into firearms?


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  • VSO, in the real world I understand that you did some contract work for some entities within our government?

    • Can you share with us a little bit about you?

    • Were you born with the natural talent of breaking stuff?

WA’s Segment -Top Gun

Alright guys lets move on to our segment called Top Gun. During this segment we will talk about firearms training and tactics. We will also discuss the training we have taken, what we have learned, and how they are incorporated them into our daily lives. Talk to me Goose!


VSO...recently you guys went and did some training with asymmetric solutions if I’m not mistaken...can you tell us a little about them and what ya’ll did?

What classes did you take?

Learn anything new?

What would be the purpose of getting this type of training?

TacDaddy you did some training with the Florida Firearms training at the OkeeChobee? This was your first time getting any training correct? What was your experience with them like?

`What kind of training did you do/classes you took?

Being your first time taking a training course was is better/worse than you expected it to be?

Would you recommend that people go seek out some type of training like this why or why not?

HGN- You’ve actually recently taken a basic pistol course with Cory and Erika at range was your experience with them?

What is the importance of taking a training class like you did vs. learning the way of the gun from the youtube gun experts that everyone else is online?

Anything else cool at range time? New friends?

HGN’s Segment -The HangOver

Let’s move on to our next segment called, The Hang Over. The cure isn’t more cowbell or the hair of the dog, but it is talking about a previous event! Obviously the big happening was SHOT SHOW. For everyone that wasn’t following everyone on the panel, VSO, TacDaddy, and myself were at shot show.

So, lets start with TacDaddy, then we will move on to VSO. TD, what stood out to you at Shot show?

How about you VSO?

TD, any product or company really not meet expectations or let you down?

Anything for you VSO? (I am assuming this is where your Glock Hate Comes


WA’s Segment: Rapid Fire

Alright guys that sound means it’s time to move on to our next segment, RAPID FIRE. The rules of this segment are simple: I will ask you a series of questions and you answer yes or no..there are no explanations allowed...simply a yes or no. Here we go.

VSO - you are up first...are you ready?

TacDaddy now it’s your turn...are you ready? TD: “Special” Co-Host Segment: Special Guests Segment:

This is our segment where we let our “special guest” talk, or something. Take it away TD!


HGN’s Segment: Statler and Waldorf Segment:

Moving on to our audience input segment called Statler and Waldorf, In this segment we field audience questions for our panel.



Its closing time! That means it is time to start ending the show. We will end the show by talking about some big things that are coming up with us. (WA one liner)


HGN: VSO What is coming up with you guys? Any exciting new stuff coming out?