Practically Tactical 109 - EDC Series Show One

Welcome to Practically Tactical, member of the Firearms Radio Network! Practically Tactical is the show were critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more with some of the best instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry.

On this episode we are starting our EDC series! This series will run the entire month of February, and help our listeners to evaluate their every day carry gear. On this episode, we have listeners Ed, Nick, Stephen, Terry, Chris, and Adam.  The entire EDC Series is sponsored by Big Tex Outdoors. Use Promo Code “EDC20” and get 20% off your order at BigTexOutdoors.Com. This applies to select products such as Slip2000, Emerson, Fireclean, Surefire, Blue Force Gear, Trijicon, and more! Check out the show notes for more information on all the products you can save money on!

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Show Notes

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EDC Series!


Born and raised in the South but didn’t really get into guns(like most people down here) until the past couple of years when our socio-political environment seemed to be spiralling down the toilet.  I used to travel a lot for work and one Friday I happened to be home some idiot decided to open my garage door at 3am. Needless to say after that i decided to take my families safety more seriously and started searching for firearms training. Bought a couple of bb and pellet guns to practice with. I have a background in martial arts(Aikido, Iaido, Judo and Kempo Karate).  Was previously certified EMT-B in NC but looking into recerting here in SC. Was a Marine Biologist turned Formulations Chemist turned IT Guy.  Currently design, configure, and maintain wired, wireless, security(IP cameras and Access Control) and data networks. Just a normal dude with a wife, kids, cats, dogs and a sense of humor and enjoys all around general shenanigans! Just finished my CWP class and scheduled for Basic Pistol class.

List of EDC Gear:


I was born and raised in Midcoast Maine. I was raised around guns mostly for hunting but very rarely for recreation and even less for self-defense. I never had one life changing event that moved me towards carrying it was more of a culmination of seeing the way drug use is increasing and other events I witness as a byproduct of my profession. I work at the county EMS service as a Paramedic. At home I have a 1 ½ year old son and a girlfriend. I am on the local Fire-Rescue on an on call basis. All of these considerations lead to a complicated and evolving EDC. When at work on the ambulance carrying a firearm is prohibited by the company. Carrying on calls in which I first respond for the Fire Department to people’s homes in my personal vehicle is allowed and I regularly do so. I carry on my person at all times at home due to my son. He has led me down the path of a weapons mounted light as well as other one handed considerations. I have taken two pistol courses; both NRA based and have found they leave a lot to be desired. I hope to take more training in the coming year.

List of EDC Gear:

  • Ares Gear Aegis Belt

  • Bravo Concealment IWB (soon to be FCT Alpha Ignite)

  • Glock 19 Gen 4

    • Streamlight TLR - 1 HL (soon to be surefire X300U-B)

    • Proctor Y-Notch sights

    • 124 Federal HST

  • Raven Concealment IWB spare mag holder

  • Spare 19 Mag

  • Spyderco Tenacious

  • Streamlight ProTac HL

  • Medical Gear

    • TacMed Solutions ankle wrap or Ziplock Bag depending on attire

    • Quick Clot Gauze

    • NAR Decompression Needle

    • Nitrile Gloves

    • Russell Chest Seal

    • SOFTT Wide Tourniquet

  • Many additional items in vehicle.

    • i.e. 17 mag, full med kit, go bag ect.


Stephen: I was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN and had my CCP at 18. I wasn't really into guns that much until I met one of my best friends in high school and things took off exponentially from there. When I moved down to Sanford, NC with my family shortly after graduation I found out the laws had changed and I could not legally carry until I was 21. I recently turned 21 and now I open carry (as much as I hate doing so) until I receive my permit, hopefully by the end of this month. I go to school full time and I'm currently working on my EMT-B and then I plan on pursuing my Paramedic certification.


List of EDC Gear:

  • Gun: Glock 19 Gen 3

    • Surefire X300u

    • Trijicon HD Orange Sights

    • 135gr +P Critical Duty

  • Spare Magazine with Taran Tactical +4 base pad

  • Belt: SOE EDC Belt

  • Holsters: Green Force Tactical IWB in Kryptek Mandrake, Green Force Tactical OWB mag carrier in Kryptek Typhon

  • Knife: Emerson CQC-15

  • Light: Surefire P2X Fury Tactical w/ Raven Concealment pocket clip and a Fenix LD02

  • Medical: Dark Angel Medical pocket D.A.R.K that I added a HyFin Chest Seal and NPA to

  • Additional Items: KEY-BAR, SOE Wallet, IPhone 5s.

  • Back Up Gun: S&W 442 or Shield on ankle(still need to find good ankle holster) or in pocket.

Chris: Born in upstate NY and lived most of my life in the Pittsburgh, PA area. I’ve been living in the Carolinas for the last 7 years. My intro to guns was through hunting at an early age and then some target shooting later on as my father was an NRA Instructor. Got into the Self Defense side within the last 10 years and started taking training with multiple instructors. Then I realized I was just being a “gun guy” and started down the path of H2H combatives for the last 4 years to round out my martial studies.

List of EDC Gear:

  • Glock 17 in PHLster Skeleton (possibly getting replaced by a Keepers Concealment)

    • Spare G17 Mag in either Galco pocket mag pouch or Comp-tac pouch or Kolbeson Leather IWB Mag pouch

  • Spyderco P’kal

  • Kabar TDI (Most likely getting swapped out with the Shivworks Clinch Pick)

  • MTR Gun Belt

  • Surefire Lumamax LX2 (sometimes its the Fenix PD31)

  • Medical: VOK always in the vehicles - Backpack w/ me has the Paul Gomez HTIVK

  • Every now and then I will carry a Glock 26 in a galco leather ankle rig or swap out the G17 with a G19

  • Randomness: Leatherman, Lockpicks, Tanto firestarter knife (keychain has Handcuff key, P-51 can opener, ResQme Tool)

Adam: I was born and raised in Southwest Washington(Washington state, not DC). I have been around guns since I can remember. When I was a kid my father was in law enforcement, so I was always taught about guns and gun safety.  Growing up I started hunting at a young age and always had a bb gun. Got my own first gun when i was 14 or 15 for christmas, which was a 20ga winchester shotgun. That kicked me off to being into guns really. By 21 I had a few different rifles and shotguns. And then it was time for AR’s and handguns. Got my concealed permit and started to carry everywhere about a week into having my permit. Been carrying every since. I work in the timber industry in a mill.(no I’m not a logger) for an an awesome company that allows me to carry everyday and is very pro 2A. I am also an active Search and Rescue member for a team in Washington. So having medical skills and survival skills are a must in my book. My edc and truck gear compliment those skills as well. I am always learning and always trying to improve my skills.

List of EDC Gear:

  • XDS 9mm, custom stippled grip,

  • 124gr Speer Gold Dots

  • Gcode incog holster, strong side

  • SOE edc low pro belt

  • spare mag ,custom pocket mag pouch

  • Zero tolerance knife 0350ts

  • kabar TDI(optional)

  • Fenix PD32

  • Gshock watch

  • paracord bracelet

  • rats tourniquet


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