New Co-Hosts Join Practically Tactical

I am very excited to announce that two new co-hosts are joining Practically Tactical! One of my favorite gusts and probably one of your favorite guests, Jeff Bloovman from Armed Dynamics, is joining the show. Along with Jeff joining the show, this is no surprise to you guys, my good buddy Jesse from Forest City Tactical is joining as well. Check out the video of the announcements:

Currently I haven't recorded a show since the beginning of September as we all initially agree on this at that time, so I have been letting the show recordings catch up on release for podcast. All previous shows have been published on podcast and we start recording new shows October 7 which will release on October 10 for podcast.

Stay tuned to all the social media outlets for more announcements and other big news we have in the works for the show. I am looking forward to bringing you a bigger and better podcast each and every week.

Thank you for your support!