I Want You On Practically Tactical!

For the month of April, we are inviting listeners who carry a gun every day to come on the show and discuss their Every Day Carry with a few other people and a firearms instructor. We have an awesome list of instructors coming in the show to help everyone discuss their EDC, such as Jeff Bloovman from Armed Dynamics, Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics, Brannon LeBouef from NOLATAC, Aaron from Solo Defense, and William Petty from TTPOA. We are recording the shows on Wednesday nights at 8PM CST during the month of April. We will discuss everyone's carry, discuss where we go, what we do, and cover some EDC topics. If you want to be on the show, email me two Wednesday nights in April you can come on the show to nick@firearmsradio.tv. The show will stream live on YouTube and will be distributed on podcast here on the Firearms Radio Network.