Practically Tactical 105 - Active Shooter Response Advice For The Citizens With Sage Dynamics


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Sage Dynamics / Aaron Cowan

This show is expanding on Aaron's video here. This is a must watch video!

  • Sage Dynamics Citizen Response To Active Shooter
  • May 28-29 Atlanta, GA
  • Jun 9 – 10 Atlanta, GA
  • Aug 6 – 7, 2016 Wichita, KS

THINK ABOUT -> “Anything worth taking by force should be protected by force.”



  • Citizens Present
  • Gun Free Zone
  • Citizens Stop It
    • UnArmed

Understanding Police SOP/mentality

Mental Preparation


Motivation is irrelevant when it comes to prevention

Anything worth taking by force should be protected by force.

(Security/Police/Events) None of them are there to protect you

What can be done?

The cost of not getting training is much higher.

Understand Fundamentals - Can’t Skip


  • Realistic Expectation
    • Training vs Practice
    • Lake Wobegon Effect
    • Your body can’t go where your mind hasn’t been.

Thinking about where you go

  • Movie Theaters
  • Kids
  • One handed shooting skills
  • Practice Draw with One Hand
  • Environment
  • Have to be prepared for violence

Look for things that don’t fit.

Don’t be PC

Prepare for Active Shooter

  • Not Paranoid
  • Just like driving. Seatbelts, Airbag, Slowing Down In the Rain, Headlights, 4WD, etc
  • Precautions based off of environment

What to do if you engage? How to interact with LEO?

  • Amount of information he has, related to distance.
  • Different agencies
  • usually when they get there, it is over
  • Looking for shooter, key’d on guns.

Identify Yourself

  • Sash
  • Belts

Contact w/ 911

  • Your Physical Description
  • Good Buy On scene
  • Stay on the phone?


Chris Hand: In the video, Mr. Cowan states and, I agree, that the motivations of the attacker or attackers does not matter. My question to him is, does he think that all of the current focus on ISIS and Islamic extremism actually put more citizens at risk by making that the focus of their personal risk assessment? In other words, we still have plenty of bad guys in our own back yards and by focusing on the current media sensation, are people blinding themselves to the gang-bangers and mentally disturbed that are more likely to be their problem?

Kurt Holtzen: I realize this is a question that could burn a whole show but can you touch on tactical mindset or situational awareness . How to scan a room or crowd and a few tells to look for as far as someones intent to bad things .

YouTube Questions

James McNaughton

in your active shooting classes, how often do citizens miss or hit bystanders?

Jimmy Rivera

What's the best way to incorporate moving targets into live-fire training?


Best seat in a theater? up & back to see in front of you? sit down front for a better angled shot to avoid bystanders?

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