PTS 100 - San Bernardino Shooting & Listener Q&A

Welcome to Practically Tactical brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! Practically Tactical is the100 episode show were critical thinking meets every day carry. This show features a round table discussion on mindset, concealed carry, training and more with some of the best firearms instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry. On this episode we record our 100th Episode! We discuss the San Bernardino shooting and answer a TON of listener questions! This amazing show is sponsored by Great Lakes Ammo. Be sure to go visit Great Lakes Ammo on Facebook, tell them you listen to the show, and use code practac10 on your order at GreatLakesAmmo.Com and save 10% on your ammo purchase.

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On Target Podcast: American Defense MFG UIC Mod 2 Review

Main Segment

San Bernadino Shooting


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Patreon Questions

Kurt Holtzen

perhaps touch on what is the best course of action when facing Superior firepower in a public venue with limited defensive capability's of a sidearm and limited rounds

Kurt Holtzen

The best weapon you have for survival and defense is between your ears and is one of the hardest things to keep sharp . Any advice for training the grey matter for everyday situational  awareness ? You guys are doing a great job with the show , just the right amount of humor and good information .

Sean Piscopiello

one of the things that attracted me so much to this show was the parallels between your starting down this path and my path!

Tim Kamholz

One thing I learned along the way was how great the Hi point is. If George Washington had one I think I need to get one! Thanks for the help Cooter and Randy.


PFWSEV: @PracTacShow benelli M2 vs M3 vs M4 thoughts?

Public Facebook Page

Stephen Mattern What has been your favorite memory/experience from the show?

Jeff Lehman Has your product evaluation changed over the time period? For example Are there certain things that you value over others and what are things you look at now over what did you look at before? has it become more stream lined?

Justin Wike As you have attended more training how has your thought process changed in regards to what you need to do as a person and how has it challenged what you thought you knew about firearms and self defense?

Nate Gates Did you ever think that when you started you would be where you are now?

Private Practically Tactical Facebook Group

Kevin Sucher I really enjoyed the "select a listener and provide advice on thier EDC and thier specific questions/concerns" episodes. Granted Im behind a bunch of episodes but those types of shows seem to have taken a back seat.

And what happened to OAF or not trivia smile emoticon

Nate Schultz If someone is new to plate carriers/body armor, what do they need to know? What doesn't matter and what does? What size? What cut? What level? Which "brand" of carrier is better than the other if all it does is hold plates? (I recently just made my first carrier and plate purchase).

Charles Constantine how do you decide whose advice to follow and listen to and who is just blowing smoke up your but? there are so many who claim to be "experts" but are actually just "know it alls" or worse, con artists selling their goods and services that might cost you your life... how can "we" spot a BS artist and what to do about it.

Glenn L Plunkett Along with this, how about suggestions for new shooters to "map" out their training (from day one on)? Do they need to only patronize "top tier" instructors (or what are some good filters for "local" instructors), what kind of progression (from local t...See More

Kurt Holtzen The best weapon you have for survival and defense is between your ears and is one of the hardest things to keep sharp . Any advice for training the grey matter for everyday tactical awareness ?

Jeff Hewes What is the single most important thing you learned from your training?

Jeff Hewes Now that you are here, what are some things you would have done differently?

Warner Paredes What is the best distance learning course or training anyone has experience with for those not Able to train with firearms

Alexander Grimm What are the best starter classes ?

Chad Wallace How many of you bought a crappy belt and holster the first time. Talking about Ryan's belt review on the gun & gear podcast made me think. I know I went and got a cheap belt, then about a month later got a decent one. That second belt lasted for years until I got to fat.

Brandon Toomey How to separate fear or paranoia from individuals who train and carry. People often see shootings like today and let fear consume them. Congrats on 100 guys!

Tommy Zimmerman What have you learned about yourself through training/pursuing the "warrior lifestyle"? Has anything stuck out to you as particularly profound or humbling? Have you discovered any failure points that you didn't know about before, and how did you/do you plan on overcoming them?

Jeff Hewes What training does your family have with firearms, medical, etc....? How often do they go to the range for practice? Do you think there is a certain age to start or based on maturity level of the individual?

Danny White: I would like your opinion on what you guys considered the most essential piece of kit /skills ... Where / how would you train with it .... And why you feel it's a absolutely necessary skill / item to have.... I like I'm sure most other people have neither the time nor the finances the train all the skills that are available to the extent we would like.... Hoping the discussion would steer me and other people in a direction where we can trade more essential skills first and of course continue our training to become more rounded in our skill set's smile emoticon

Instagram Questions

texasgunner97: Can Jesse talk about how he grips his handgun. (Don't get too excited Jeff). He has his left hand really high up on the gun and it seems to control recoil quite well. I can't get it to work for me, because my left fingers get in the way of my trigger finger.

marvin_smith: Speaking of learning curves, do you still have your Sigma? ;) Love the addition of Jesse and Jeff to the show. Between the three of you it's quite entertaining!

benjaboy1982: Any suggestions on best aftermarket pistol sights?


YouTube Questions:

3l3vated: another question. Some instructors says that if you shoot bad with a particular gun and not another then that is a "you" problem and not the gun. Is this true?


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