PTS 086 - Selecting A Helmet With Iron Forged Concepts

Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 86 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical show is a slightly more11821772_1652930864924928_566404818_n practical approach to the firearms lifestyle. This show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the best firearms instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry. On this episode we will be discussing helmets with Zach from Iron Forged Concepts. Links To Website & Social Media:


Show Notes

Training Video

Main Segment

  • Zach Intro
  • Discuss Iron Forged Concepts
  • Why do we need a helmet?
  • What uses?
  • How to pick the right type of helmet?
  • Bump vs Ballistic
  • How to setup the helmet
  • Accessories

Helmet Videos



This is what you call an #epic mail call! In preparing for the show this Wednesday with @ironforgedconcepts, he sent over some helmets to inspect and try out for this coming weekend's @sentinel_cncpts Home Defense Shoot House Class. If this picture doesn't show you how badass his work is, let me tell you it is amazing! Sent over a ballistic Arma-Core, @teamwendy1 bump helmet, and a OpsCorr Fast bump helmet, all of which are equipped with @msasafety MSA Sordin ear pro setup on S.A.R.A.s. If you aren't following @ironforgedconcepts, go do it now! If you want to learn more about helmets, check the YouTube link in the bio to view the channel and get the link for the show that broadcasts live this Wednesday. #helmets #igguns #igmilitia #armor #rifleholics #sickguns #dailybadass #weaponsdaily #gunsdaily #guns #gunporn #gunfanatics #gunpictures #gunsofinstagram #teamwendy #opscore #armacore

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YouTube Questions


one option I'd like to hear about is what is a package a non-operator like me can get into to run a PVS14 and ear pro on, bump helmet is fine. nothing fancy just equipment I wont regret buying

Gregg Campbell

yeah Nick can you go over the ballistic value of the caps again ?

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