PTS 078 - What Is A Responsible Gun Owner Part 1

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Steve of Tactiholics:

Ben of Hardline Tactical

Scott of Modern Samurai Project

Kevin of Bravo One Resque:


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Main Segment

What is a responsible gun owner?

Is A Responsible Gun Owner A Responsibly Armed Citizen?

Open Carry vs Concealed Carry

  1. The interviewee idea of responsible
  2. Irresponsible things we see everyday (not gun related)
  3. Ask- what is a responsible gun owner (allow answers)
  4. What things do we see people do w guns that is irresponsible
  5. In the open carry vs concealed carry debate, why are open carriers called out so often?
  6. Why are concealed carriers not often considered irresponsible (even though we know a lot are)?
  7. What can all gun owners do to be ambassadors to gun ownership regardless of how they carry?

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