PTS 075 - Introduction To Plate Carriers

Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 75 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical show is a slightly more practical approach to the firearms lifestyle. The show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the best firearms instructors, shooters and figures in the firearms industry. On this episode we are discussing topic of Intro to Plate Carriers with two guys who wore them for a living, Jesse from ForestCityTactical and Jarhead6 of YouTube Operator Fame! Check out Jarhead6 On YouTube:

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PreShow Notes

My Apology

Operator’s Report

  1. AR680
    1. AR500 Armor® Lightweight 10” x 12” Level III+ ALSC Body Armor

Main Segment

  • What Does a Plate Carrier Do
  • You Need To Know What The Goal Is Before Buying Right?
  • Steel vs ceramic vs soft

Talking points:

  • Our set ups
  • Different styles
  • (First spear strandhog/skd stt, Mayflower APC, pig, lbt, tt fight light , crye jpc,  banshee) ("minimalist" ar500, us palm, skd brigandine, plate minus bfg, s&s precision plate frame, crye airlite)
  • Best value
  • Goals
  • Philosophy of use
  • Setting it up for success
  • How awesome airsoft is
  • You don't need everything the military needs.

Gear We Discuss In The Show:

The Grey Ghost Gear PC I Just Bought In Kryptek Highlander:

D3 Chest Rig:

Strandhögg MBAV Cut Plate Carrier:

PIG Plate Carrier:

Mayflower Plate Carrier:

Banshee Plate Carrier:

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Critical Handgun Employment:

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