PTS 058 - 2015 Shot Show WrapUp

We have an OPERATOR OVERLOAD panel that includes Tatiana Whitlock, Glenn from Immediate ActionPrint Concepts, Keith and Trek from MDFI, Nic from Weaponcraft, Aaron of Solo Defense and we discuss the 2015 Shot Show with a little rapid fire of companies who had booths at shot show.  

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On this episode we will be discussing this little thing called Shot Show with a panel that includes:

Tatiana Whitlock


Glenn from Immediate Action Concepts


Keith and Trek from MDFI

Nic from Weaponcraft


Aaron of Solo Defense



Show Notes:

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Operator’s Report


  1. BREAKING: CA Man Charged with Owning an SBR for Pistol Brace Equipped AR-15
  2. Ferguson, Mo., police begin testing new ‘less-lethal’ attachment for guns



Main Segment


2015 Shot Show Themes:


  • Rise Of the Ambi-Everything
  • Precision Bolt Guns Got Some Series Love




Things You Learned At The 2015 Shot Show:




  • Anyone with an IG Account Could Get A Media Pass





  • It takes a whole lot of bravery to walk into or any where near the media room.
  • Gunbunnies are to men as pink bedazzling is to women.
  • Quiet professionals quietly influencing innovation.





  • HUGE!
  • Plan Better..Not much of a gear guy.





  • Blowing Up A Gun





  • Rise of the Light Weight AR15






  • Media Is Important






  • One I have an IG account, and NOW Nick tells me I could have gotten a Media Pass. lol
  • Two Just because you stay at the hotel Shot Show is being held at, doesn’t mean you won’t take two elevators and walk a half a mile to get to the show floor.
  • Most of the people you respect in the industry are nicer in person. The douchebags away from Shot, are still Douchebags at Shot.



One Or Two Products that Excited You:



  • Warsport GPRE






  • Lightweight ARs






  • Smith Optics Transition Ballistic Lens






  • Leupold D-EVO






  • Midwest Industries Lightweight  M-Lock AR
  • Vortex Optics Strike Eagle





  • One Magpul AK furniture and Glock mags.
  • Two Agency Arms







Shot Show Rapid Fire

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