PTS 053 - Ferguson Riots, Civil Unrest Situations, and Katrina with William Petty

The Practically Tactical Show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the best firearms instructors and figures in the firearms industry. On this episode we will be talking about Ferguson, civil unrest, riots, Odin Works XMRand more with our guest William Petty who is a firearms instructor and a police officer. Operator’s Report

  1. New Magpul Goodies
  2. Tromix Siamese M16
  3. Assault Banana

Main Segment

  1. William’s History
    1. Pre Firearms Instructor
      1. You are training the next Tomb Raiders?
  2. How do you Train?
    1. Location
      1. Do you travel?
    2. Philosophy
    3. Classes Offered
  3. Civil Unrest, Riots, or “Crowd Management”
    1. What is it?
    2. Why does it happen?
    3. Civilian Issues vs Police Issues
      1. Differences
      2. Different Approach?
      3. How does one help the other during this time?
    4. Is leaving the best plan?
    5. Home Plan

Gear Segment

Nick: Odin Works XMR

William: Griffin Armament/ADM UIC Rifle

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