PTS 044 - Top 10 Things Concealed Carriers Are Doing WRONG

On episode 44 of Practically Tactical we discuss the Top 10 Things Concealed Carriers Are Doing WRONG with special guests Keith from

MDFI and Aaron from Solo Defense.


Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 44 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical Show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting. Tonight’s show we will talking with Keith of MDFI and Aaron of Solo Defense.



Keith of MDFI

 Aaron of Solo Defense

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Main Segment

1. Assuming the info in the cch class is sufficient, and not seeking further training. (People get their permit, holster a gun, or throw it in their glove compartment, and "feel" safer and more confident.)

2.Not spending the money on proper "gear" for their carry gun.

(i.e. Buying the crappy holster because it's cheaper. Not wearing a belt, or clothing that supports their carry gun. Carrying their carry gun in their pocket without any type of pocket holster.)

3.Choosing a carry gun based on size and ease of concealment only.

(People don't have time for the inconvenience of choosing the proper gun, and dressing around the proper gun for them.)

4.Expecting a gun store salesman to guide them to the "perfect" carry gun.

(people that don't take time, or don't know to do their homework, are satisfied with listening to someone who "sounds" like he knows what he's talking about.)

  1. Carry in a position that makes it extremely hard to get the gun out during a hands on altercation.

6.Married to their gear. Un willing to change and see that there may be a better option available

7.Adjusting their cc gun while in public.

(Some new carriers tend to be rather nervous when carrying, and constantly check to make sure the firearm is still concealed.)

8.Training with their full size gun on the range, and never training with the keltec .380 they keep in their pocket every day.

9.Not researching reciprocity laws of travel destinations. Including states they may travel through to get there. (The news has had stories of cc holders going on vacation, and getting cited or arrested for a seemingly "legal" carry gun. I have a personal friend that crossed the Canadian border, forgot he had his firearm, and spent three days in jail bc of it.)

10.Never training on how to GET TO THE GUN.

(Even people that go to the range often, and are confident with their accuracy, and manipulation, rarely practice getting their firearm unconcealed. Accuracy only counts if you can get the gun out in time.)

11.Not considering what happens after using their firearm.

12.Do not vet their CPL class instructor. All instructors are not created equal. Even if it is the "same" class being taught

13.Do not take further training outside of guns. Ie less lethal. When all you have is a hammer every problem looks like a nail.

14.Not testing their defensive ammo at varying distance.

15.Not having the right mindset that would fix 1-11, and more.

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