PTS 033 - NRA Tatiana Whitlock and Fate of Destinee

Tatiana Whitlock and FateofDestinee come on the show to talk about having a ground game, concealed carry as a woman, and IDTS targets.  Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 33 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network! The Practically Tactical Show features a round table discussion about guns, gear, and shooting with some of the brightest minds and best looking beards in the firearms industry.

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Part 1

Tatiana’s History

Destinee’s History

Part 2

Training with a defensive mindset

Going To The Next Level




  • Is 9mm better than .40S&W?
  • Is the M&P line better than the glock line?
  • Is the AR15 better than the AK47/74?
  • Is firearm precision more important than speed?

Fate of Destinee:

  • Is .45ACP better than 9mm?
  • Are 1911s the best handguns ever made?
  • If you could carry a fully automatic pistol, would you.

Double Tap:

It is time for...Double Tap. So instead of having a question that is answered with a YES or NO, you will work together to double tap these questions with the first answer that pops in your head one right after the other. You are still not allowed to explain...just the first answer that comes to both of you will be answering these questions one after the other...

  • What is your favorite handgun?
  • What is your favorite rifle?
  • What is your favorite caliber?
  • Name a shooter that you look up to?
  • If you had to pick one, would it be an SBR or a Suppressed Rifle?
  • If you could build an AR in any caliber other than 5.56, what caliber would it be?
  • What is your most wanted handgun to shoot that you haven’t yet?
  • What is your most wanted rifle to shoot that you haven’t yet?


Alright guys it’s time for our final game segment for the night, GunLibs. Remember back in the day when you used to fill out little mad libs books asking for words and nouns? It is pretty much that!

So for this segment. I will be asking you each for one answer to fill in the blank for your mad gun libs that we have written for you this week...

  • Favorite store - gander mountain
  • Worst Gun Ever - hi point
  • Color - blue
  • Favorite Rifle - at15
  • Favorite Pistol - 1911
  • Name something found in a nail salon - polish
  • Pick a number - 5
  • Favorite color - blue
  • Body Part - arm pit
  • Best quality in a man - humor

On one sunny afternoon, best friends Tatiana and Destinee decided to get their nails done together at the local mall. While they were getting their nails painted in the salon, there was a sudden commotion across the mall at the (favorite store) store. Soon they saw a person in the crowd with a (worst gun ever) wearing a (color) mask trying to rob the store! Destinee and Tatiana quickly devised a plan to help save the other shoppers. Tatiana grabbed her (favorite rifle) and took cover behind the (name something found in a nail salon) while Destinee used her tactics that she learned from Final Fantasy to close the gap between her and the bad guy with her (favorite pistol). With Destinee just a few feet away from the bad guy now, Tatiana lines up an impossible shot on a thin wire that is (pick a number) feet away that is holding a hanging sign just above the bad guy. Tatiana focuses her super spy rifle powers and breaks a clean shot and the sign swings down and hits the bad guy in the (body part) disabling him. Destinee quickly moves in to disarm the bad guy why he’s distracted and saves the day! The girls return back to the nail salon to finish their (favorite color) sparkled nails and all was good in the mall thanks to Destinee and Tatianas (best quality in a man)


Segment: Live Audience Questions

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times! Also, feel free to email with your question!


Gear Segment:

Tatiana: ID Target Systems


Fate Of Destinee: Savoy Leather

Nick: Tuff Products EZ Feed Ranger Belt


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Thank you so much for coming onto our show this week. So let’s take some time now to discuss what we have coming up with each of us in the near future and where you can find us on the mysterious interwebs...

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Well as always guys and gals, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!