PTS 025 - James Yeager of Tactical Response and Forest City Tactical

James Yeager of Tactical Response and Forest City Tactical join us to discuss Bundy Ranch, the documentary Ammo Nation, B5 Systems Handguard, and kydex holsters.

Forest City Tactical Delta Holster



Show Theme: Die Hard

Practically Tactical - Episode 25

Date: April 23, 2014

Start Time: 7:00PM CST

Hosts: HandGunNewbie(Nick), WalkerArmory(Matt)

Special Guest: James Yeager from Tactical Response

Special Co-Host: Jesse From Forest City Tactical


HGN: Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 25 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network, please visit to find out more information! Tonight we are joined by Jesse From Forest City Tactical and the MFCEO himself, James Yeager of Tactical Response. For more information on the show, to find links to our guest James Yeager, gear and guns we discuss, please visit Practically Tactical Podcast hits iTunes every Sunday at Noon CST, so be sure to click on that subscribe button in iTunes! Also, later in the show we will be announcing a giveaway! The theme for this weeks episode is DIE HARD! Yippie KiYay Mother..wait..should probably go more than 10 seconds without a beep..we will save it for later...


WA: Our special guest is MFCEO himself, James Yeager.  James is a firearms instructor with Tactical Response. James Yeager was actually a stunt double for Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies. Tactical Response is also the only training facility in the United States that offers training specifically on how to walk and shoot while barefoot on broken glass and how to take down a helicopter with a car when you run out of bullets. Thanks for coming on tonight James!


James: Thanks for having me (or whatever you want to say there). We will prompt for websites, facebook, places where people can find you online.


HGN: Tonight we’re also joined by our special Co-Host Jessie from Forest City Tactical. Jessie is the owner, operator, and all around grunt for Forest City Tactical who specializes in custom Kydex holsters. Jessie is also a Die Hard Yeager fan...get it...get it? Jessie Likes Yeager so much he’s actually got Yeager’s face tattooed on his back, right below his I heart Mom tattoo...can we see the tattoos Jessie?


Jessie: Thanks for having me (or whatever you want to say there). We will prompt for websites, facebook, places where people can find you online.


HGN: Thanks for joining us this week guys. For all of our listeners out there, this weeks show we will be talking about Tactical Response, the B5 Systems Keymod Handguard, A-Zoom Snap Caps, and Forest City Tactical Holsters.


WA: You can watch our show LIVE on Wednesday nights at 7PM CST by searching Practically Tactical on YouTube or listen to new episodes on iTunes every sunday at noon CST.


HGN: As usual, your co-hosts for this evening are myself and Matt. I am Nick and this week I severely sprained my ankle trying to recreate the scene from Die Hard where Bruce Willis jumps off the roof because I was trying to film it to make a promo video for you guys for this weeks show…


WA: Really? Cause I’m pretty sure you just fell down the stairs…


HGN: Ok...well I wanted to jump off the roof...but now I can’t...ya know...because of my ankle...


WA: Sure we’ll go with that. Well guys I’m Matt from the WalkerArmory and I’m your other co-host for Practically Tactical. I’m also one of the founding members of the Die Hard fan club and can quote from memory every single line in all of the Die Hard movies…


HGN: You’re a liar…


WA: Nope...I just put it on the internet so it’s gotta be true...



WA’s Segment - Welcome to the party, pal

Our first segment of the of the show is called, Welcome to the party, pal.  In this segment James is going to throw one of us out the 13 story of a building. I vote Nick. So let’s get to know our guests a little better...



  • How did you get into firearms?

    • Something you were around growing up?

  • Obviously you are well known for Tactical Response, but can you give us some background on before that?

    • Police Officer?

    • Private Security?


  • How did you get into firearms?

  • You were in the Army correct? What did you do there?

  • Tell us a little bit about how you got to where you are now and your custom Kydex company Forest City Tactical.



HGN’s Segment - How to throw a car into a flying helicopter


Our second segment of the show is called How to throw a car into a flying helicopter.

  • What or How did you start up Tactical Response?
  • What is your teaching philosophy?
  • What classes do you offer?
  • Force on Force is something TR is well known for. Can you tell us why this training is so critical and important?
  • AmmoNation, how did this come about?
  • I bet you have met some amazing people, that is what AmmoNation is about right?
  • You took AmmoNation to Bundy Ranch, how was your time there?



HGN’s Segment: Live Audience Questions -

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times! Also, feel free to email with your question!


WA’s Segment: Whose gun line is it anyways?

Rapid Fire:

Double Tap:

Gun Libs:


HGN’s Segment - Now I have a machine gun…ho ho ho

In this segment we will talk some firearm gear.

HGN: B5 Systems Keymod Handguard

James: Midwest Industries AK Rail (shown on a PAP AK pistol)

WA: A-Zoom Snap Caps

Jessie: Forest City Tactical Holsters


Segment - Practically Awesome Video of the Week -

HGN: This segment in our show where we’re going to pick the best and and most Practically Awesome video that we saw on YouTube this week. This is our video of the week that we think is awesome and you that guys need to check out! You can find the video link in our show notes at


WA: This weeks Practically Awesome video pick is “Apple Tree Shaped Det Cord Explosion” by the Rated RR channel. Rated RR has got a TON of really awesome, high production quality videos that have anything from full auto machine guns to huge explosions...and he’s got an AMAZING slo-mo camera. The Apple Tree Shaped Det Cord Explosion video is pretty freakin sweet...who doesn’t like to see 300 feet of det cord go off and DESTROY 6 gallons of red paint in super is impressive to say the least. Go check out the video and leave a comment on it telling him that Practically Tactical sent you.


Segment: Live Audience Questions

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times! Also, feel free to email with your question!


WA’s Segment: Yippe kay yay mother effer...

So let’s move on to our last segment of the show. We’re gonna end this show the same way Die Hard always ends...with a Yippe ki yay mother effer! This is the part of the show where it’s time to start wrapping up another episode of Practically Tactical. James, thank you so much for coming onto our show this week. So let’s take some time now to discuss what we have coming up with each of us in the near future and where you can find us on the mysterious interwebs...


James: (Closing statements with what you have coming up and where to find you)


WA: Well everyone, I run a gun YouTube channel as WalkerArmory as well as a Facebook page and all of the other tweeter instagram social media sites so be sure to go check those out..we’re always working on stuff and adding new videos and posts over there. I’ve got a lot of footage still to edit and a TON of videos and reviews still to go out and shoot. So make sure and subscribe to me on YouTube and all of the other social media sites at WalkerArmory to stay up to date with us. HGN What about you?


HGN: slow on the reviews as I am currently out of commision.

NRA Show,



HGN: A great podcast I want you guys to check out this week is the Gun Guy Radio Podcast. They have a weekly show where they discuss guns, shooting, reloading, and anything else that might have to do with the firearms industry. This week they released episode 116. In this episode Jake gets to interview Michael Bane, the host of many shows on the Outdoor Channel including Shooting Gallery, MidwayUSA’s The Best Defense, and MidwayUSA’s Gun Stories. It’s a great show, be sure to go check it out. You can find more info on their show at


WA: Well if you’re going to promote Gun Guy Radio...I suppose I have to give a shoutout to Gun Girl Radio. Gun Girl Radio is hosted by Randi Rogers and Julie Golob. They bring the latest insider scoop on the shooting sports including USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, and cowboy action shooting along with some of the finest ladies of the shooting world to talk about these topics and more. This past week they released episode 39. Randi Rogers talks with Tisma Juett from NSSF First Shots and share some valuable information on the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Gun Girl Radio has got a great show and my wife actually really enjoys listening to their show. You can find some more info on thier show at


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WA: Well as always guys, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!