PTS 023 - HandgunNewbie and Walker Armory

Handgunnewbie (Nick) and Matt at Walker Armory offer some background information on themselves, the show, and talk about their stories involving firearms.23Promo

Show Theme: Dumb and Dumber

Practically Tactical - Episode 23

Date: April 9, 2014

Start Time: 7:30PM CST

Hosts: HandGunNewbie(Nick), WalkerArmory(Matt)



HGN: Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 23 brought to you by the Firearms Radio Network, please visit to find out more! Tonight the show is gonna be all about us...and for that we have picked the obvious theme for this show that describes us best, Dumb and Dumber. For more information on the show, gear and guns we discuss, and othe facts about your Practically Tactical hosts, please visit You can also find us at or on twitter at ptliveshow. Practically Tactical Podcast hits iTunes every Sunday at Noon CST, so be sure to click on that subscribe button in iTunes!

HGN: Thanks for joining us this week. For all of our listeners out there, this weeks show we will be spending some time letting you guys, our listeners, get to know us, your hosts of Practically Tactical, a little bit better. We’ll also be talking about some of the guns that we have, and our shooting experiences and backgrounds.

WA: For the new listeners, you can watch our show LIVE on Wednesday nights at 7PM CST by searching Practically Tactical on YouTube or listen to new episodes on iTunes every sunday at noon CST.

HGN: As always myself and Matt are your co-hosts for this evening. I’m Nick, AKA HandgunNewbie and I love to shoot. I also enjoy wearing cardigans while driving my ‘84 sheepdog Shaggin Wagon. I spent my entire life savings turning my van into a dog. The alarm alone cost me two hundred.

WA: Man, you are one pathetic loser. No offense.

HGN: none taken

WA: Well anyways I’m Matt from the WalkerArmory. I’m your other co-host for Practically Tactical. I enjoy shooting pistol competitions and taking care of my pets. HandgunNewbie and I are saving up to open our own pet store, “I got worms”. That’s what we’re gonna call it, “I got worms!” We’re gonna specialize in selling worm farms. You ant farms, just with worms. I also sold a dead bird to a blind kid once.



Why did we start Practically Tactical?

  • HGN’s experience starting Practically Tactical
  • WA’s experience starting Practically Tactical

Feedback we’ve gotten from listeners!

On iTunes:

  • AussieRogue - This is a great podcast for the new person getting into firearms
  • Scorpionraces - (Being facetious) What started off as a shameless ripoff of the WeLikeShooting format has turned into an informative show that’s fun to listen to. (end being facetious) While HandgunNewbie may take a bit of ribbing from others, it’s his fault. He brings it on himself. He and his co-host Matt have great guests, good humor, and lots of info. Don’t miss this show!
  • Remington.h - This is one of my favorite podcast. I’m a little mad it took me so long to finally find the show and subscribe. The humor is great and gun talk is what makes it so great. I’d also like to add that I love 1911’s when you guys have Peter Palma on as a guest.
  • Zombieattack77 - Very fun and informative!

On Facebook:

  • Micheal Domayer You will laugh through the entire show, at least I did.
  • Micheal Domayer Just listened to this week's, the gunlibs had me cracking up!!! LOL!!
  • Spencer Bennett Two Great Pages, Practically Tactical and We Like Shooting!!!!! Check'em out!!!!!!!
  • Kelli Sampsel WTH kinda screen shot is that lol
  • Jennifer Young You guys are so fucking hot I want you to jizz on my receding hairline and man tits
  • Gino Gonzalez Great show, the shotgun segment was very informative. Bravo Zulu.
  • John Jackson that was a great episode
  • Christian Stoessel that was amazing! great show guys.


HGN’s Intro Segment -

  • Can you tell us about your background?

    • How did you get into firearms?

    • Firearms training?

      • Range Time

    • What made you start your YouTube Channel?


WA’s Intro Segment -

  • Can you tell us about your background?

    • How did you get into firearms?

    • What made you start shooting competitively?

      • What do you shoot?

      • Are you any good?

      • I heard your wife is a better shot, is that true?

    • What made you start your YouTube Channel?


HGN’s Segment: Live Audience Questions -

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times! Also, feel free to email with your question!


WA’s and HGN’s Segment: Gun Games

WA: Alright guys it’s time for our segment, Whose Gun Line Is It Anyways?! Where the questions are made up and the points don’t matter. Normally we have some guests on our show that we make up these questions for...but seeing as this show is all us...we’re gonna hit each other with questions for Rapid Fire, Double Tap, and Gun Libs...and remember...normally these are things we surprise our guests with for candid answers...but tonight we’re doing this to each other and we don’t know what the other has written for us...I’m really scared...

Rapid Fire:

Double Tap:

Alright let’s move on to the next segment called Double Tap. This game is a little bit different...instead of having a question that is answered with a YES or NO, we will work together to double tap these questions with the first answer that pops into our head one right after the other. Still no explanations...just the first answer that comes to both of us will be answering these questions one after the other...

  • What is your favorite handgun?
  • What is your favorite rifle?
  • What is your favorite shotgun?
  • What is your favorite red dot non-magnified optic?
  • What is your favorite caliber?
  • What is the best CLP?
  • If you had to pick one, would it be an SBR or a Suppressed Rifle?
  • If you could build an AR in any caliber other than 5.56, what caliber would it be?
  • What is your most wanted handgun to shoot that you haven’t yet?
  • What is your most wanted rifle to shoot that you haven’t yet?
  • Favorite YouTube Gun Channel OTHER than the panel?

Gun Lib:


Alright guys it’s time for our final game segment for the night, GunLibs...again this is normally something that we do to our guests...but tonight we have EACH written each other a gun libs for the other for this part we will each ask the other one the answers to fill in the blanks for their gun libs...this is gonna be so terrible...I’ll go first tonight so Nick...ya feelin lucky punk?


Gun  Segment -


Segment: Coming Up With Practically Tactical

New website launch - 

Released on April 22


NRA Show


Practically Tactical On Target:

Talk about show plans with getting “On Target” with different companies to produce a 15-20 minute show talking about the gear that they manufacture and sell. Planning on doing a show with Peter Palma and the MS Clean, Offhand Gear and the NORB...and whoever else you guys want to see on our “On Target” show! Send us feedback! We want to know who YOU want to see and hear from with this! Send us an email telling us who you want to see on our show to or



Practically Awesome Video of the Week

We’ve got a new segment in our show where we’re going to pick the best and and most Practically Awesome video that we saw on YouTube this week. This is our video of the week that we think is awesome and you that guys need to check out! You can find the video link in our show notes at

Our video pick of the week is “Redneck Soccer Shootout” by Demolition Ranch. You always see those guys that do trick shots and stunts with soccer Demolition Ranch is stepping up the game and shooting his shotgun with the soccer ball...kind of a cool video. Go find the video on our website and leave a comment on their video in YouTube telling them that Practically Tactical sent you!


Closing Segment:


So let’s take some time now to discuss what we have coming up with each of us in the near future and where you can find us on the mysterious interwebs...


WA: Well everyone, I run a gun YouTube channel as WalkerArmory as well as a Facebook page and all of the other tweeter instagram social media sites so be sure to go check those out..we’re always working on stuff and adding new videos and posts over there. I’ve got a TON of videos and reviews to go out and shoot and we’re gonna have a bunch of videos coming you make sure and subscribe to me on YouTube and all of the other social media sites at WalkerArmory to stay up to date with us. HGN What about you?


HGN: I should be releasing the much awaited Build and Initial Reactions video on the Santa Cruz Gun Lock as well as the FailZero BCG initial reactions. Other than those, most of my time is spent working on the new site, which is going to be awesome.




WA: The podcast I want to showcase this week is the Tactical Paradise Podcast Episode 49 - you can find thier podcast at The episode is named The Adventures in Tactical Paradise. It’s a great show that talks about the Walther Arms PPS,  recounts of Greg’s Backpacking trip, and also talks about practicing a concealed carry draw. Tactical Paradise is a great podcast that is hosted by the Firearms Radio Network with us so make sure and go check them out.


HGN: We really want your feedback here at Practically Tactical, please send any compliments, feedback, guest suggestions, or your pictures of the shaggin wagon to If you have any negative feedback, someone said something incorrect, or you are interested in getting worms from Matt, please email Also, go like our facebook page! We post up some pretty funny promo pictures each week that preview the theme! You can also find out who will be on ahead of time and talk to us about each episode! Find us on facebook by searching Practically Tactical or visit


WA: Well as always guys, thank you for tuning in and listening to us, as we greatly appreciate you guys and we’ll see you next week for another episode of Practically Tactical!