PTS 018 - Armed Dynamics and RangeTime

Jeff Bloovman with Armed Dynamics and Sam Cummins from RangeTime share their ancient training and medicinal secrets with us while we talk all sorts of lighting, gear, and guns! 1780162_672433472803492_777885995_o (1)

Practically Tactical - Episode 18

Date: March 5, 2015

Start Time: 7PM CST

Hosts: HandGunNewbieWalkerArmory


Jeff Bloovman

Website: YouTube Channel: Facebook Page:

Sam Cummins

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HGN: Welcome to Practically Tactical! This is our LIVE show streaming to you from the Earth Realm created by the Elder Gods!  This week’s show theme is the movie MORTAL COMBAT - READY FIGHT!

Our first special guest of the evening is Jeff Bloovman. He is known for his firearm instructions based out of Philly, his amazing hair that is made out of real ghost and a metal that came from the outer world, and his finishing move is taking a high point .45 and then unloading it and beating you to death with it.

WA: The other special guest we have on the show is Sam Cummins from RangeTime with Cory and Erika. Sam is known being the good looking one on the channel, dual welding sigmas during training classes, and his finish move involves bring you to Indiana to freeze to death. FATALITY!

 HGN: This weeks show we will be talking about MS Clean Kit, Raven Concealment Pocket Clip,  HSGI M3T.

WA: For the new listeners, Practically Tactical is a show about guns, gear, and shooting, where each week we feature a special guest or two and usually a guest co-host.

HGN: Lets start by introducing myself. I run a YouTube channel and Facebook page, both called handgunnewbie. My parents abandoned me at an arcade when I was younger and I taught myself self defense through countless hours of playing mortal combat! As usual, I am joined by my co-host Matt. Hows it going Matt?

WA: Hey Everyone I’m Matt from the WalkerArmory...I am your lovely co-host for this fine evening...I also run a gun youtube channel at the WalkerArmory as well as a facebook page. Also, in 2005 I was runner up in the world championship Mortal Kombat showdown but was later disqualified when I tested positive for drinking an excessive amount of red bull of which the judges say gave me an unfair edge in hitting rapid special moves.


 WA’s Segment - ROUND ONE..FIGHT

Our first segment of tonight is called, ROUND ONE..FIGHT. So in this segment, we are actually going to skip the “get to know ya” part as you can get all the information on our two firearms trainers, Jeff who was on episode 1 and Sam who was on episode 13! OK guys, lets get this fight started!

  • Jeff, during Episode 1 you talked about a “Personal Protection Plan” but we weren’t able to really get into it much. Can you talk about what that is?
  • FBI Stats - More Than 1 Attacker
  • Personal Protection Plan encompasses all the things you do to keep yourself safe.  This includes: less lethal options, firearm skills, knife skills, ground fighting skills, practiced verbalization, vehicle tactics and safe driving procedures to name a few.  (you don’t have to fill anything in Jeff, these are just what we will cover)
  • Main Firearm Goes Down, What next?
  • Hand To Hand
  • Knife?
  • Second Firearm?
  •  Evaluating where you go most in regards to how you carry?
  • (Home depot [long shooting lanes] vs. Walmart [tight isles])
  •  Escalation of Force
  • Stages?
  • How important are verbal commands?
  •  EDC/Mindset In Gun Free Zone?
  •  Home Defense?
  • Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle?
  • Light vs. Laser
  • Jeff Ep 1 you talked about knowing your house and angles…
  • What about low Low Light? Jeff, I know you specialize in this. Can you tell how the game



HGN’s Segment: Live Audience Questions -



HGN’s Segment - FATALITY

Alright guys lets move on to our segment called FATALITY. Or lack there of. In this segment we are going to be talking about some medical fundamentals, gear, and training. In this segment we will be joined by Greg!

During this segment we will talk about all things medical.

  • Why?
  • What is the importance and why carry medical?
  • What should be carried?
  • If we want to assemble our own MedKit what should be included? (quick clot and tourniquet or just bandaids and neosporin - how prepared should we be for injuries?)
  • Medical Training
  • How
  • What?


WA’s Segment: Rapid Fire

Alright to move on to our next segment, RAPID FIRE. The rules of this segment are simple: I will ask you a series of questions and you answer yes or no..there are no explanations allowed...simply a yes or no. Here we go.


  • Are shotguns more fun to shoot than pistols?
  • Are shotguns more effective than pistols?
  • Is the .380 a suitable cartridge for self-defense?
  • Does your hair always look this good?
  • Is it better to aim for center mass shots rather than headshots for self defense?
  • Does being a trainer automatically upgrade you to “Operator” status?
  • If you COULD carry an automatic handgun, would you?
  • Do you have flip up sights on your rifle?


  • Do you like flip up AR sights better than fixed A2 style sights?
  • Do you like to play with your flip up sights?
  • Are you a better shot than Cory at 300 yards with a rifle that uses flip up sights?
  • Has your beard ever gotten caught in your flip up sights?
  • Have you ever played with flip up sights during a podcast?
  • Have you ever tried flip up sights on a pistol?
  • Would you recommend running a magnified optic on top of a rifle...with flip up sights at a 45 degree cant?
  • Does your flip up sights co-witness with your red dot?
  • Have you ever broken a flip up sight?
  • Do flip up sights make you a better shooter?


HGN’s Segment -  Kitana’s fan blades

Let’s move on to our next segment where we’re going to talk about some gear that we got this week or saw this week that impressed us that is so awesome it rivals Kitana’s fan blades from Mortal Kombat.

WA: MS Clean Kit

Jeff: Raven Concealment Pocket Clip



Additional Topics:

  •  Big Dots/Post&Notch/Red Dots
  • Less Than Lethal Options
  • What, Why, and How To Use


Segment: Live Audience Questions

In this segment we will be fielding questions from our Live YouTube audience. Want to get your questions answered live? Visit for upcoming episodes and times.


WA’s Segment:FINISH HIM!!!

Lets move on to our last segment, FINISH HIM!!! We’re gonna finish this show off with some of our specialty moves and talk about what we have released and what we have coming up on each of our channels...

Jeff: More videos and classes.  RangeTime TS, Knoxville, Palmyra PA, Philly