PTS 016 - Iron Hammer Armory and Kenaz Tactical Group

Iron Hammer Armory and Kenaz Tactical Group join us and we talk about FrogLube vs RandCLP, Skeletonized AR lower from Aero Precision,  AK47 trunnion and knife, and the Lanco grip stop.

Practically Tactical - Episode 16

Date: February 19, 2013

Start Time:  7PM CST

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory


Martin from Iron Hammer Armory

IHA Facebook page

Find IHA's Knife Here: Domari Nolo Defense Consulting

Special Co-Host:

Robert From Kenaz Tactical Group

Kenaz Tactical Group's Facebook Page



HGN: Welcome to Practically Tactical Episode 16! This week’s show theme is the movie RUN! Tell all the others the law’s comin! You tell ‘em I’m coming...and hell’s coming with me you hear?! We are talking with our special guest Martin from Iron Hammer Armory. Martin specializes in building horse carriages for Wells Fargo, is addicted to gambling and drinking whiskey, oh wait, that isn’t a joke…, and little known fact, he revolutionized the wild west with the introduction of his specialized AK rifle builds.

WA: We are also joined by Robert Butler from Kenaz Tactical Group. When Robert isn’t operating cowboy action weapon systems off of stagecoaches like a true operator, he spends his free time dynamically collecting ladies handkerchiefs and challenging Ringo to duels outside the bar while practicing his OODA skills. Oh yeah...and he’s disruptive and adaptive in Call Of Duty with his kinetic operator skills.

HGN: Lets start by introducing myself and then Matt. I run a YouTube channel and Facebook page, both called handgunnewbie. I also love playing a rousing game of billiards with my brothers, collecting spurs on my cowboy boots, and love demonstrating my gun slinging skills with mugs ! As usual, I am joined by my co-host Matt. Hows it going Matt?

WA: Hey Everyone I’m Matt from the WalkerArmory...I am your lovely co-host for this fine evening...I also run a gun youtube channel at the WalkerArmory as well as a facebook page. I enjoy riding horses through the middle of the street, shooting cowboy-action pistol competitions, and wearing my leather chaps...only my chaps....





WA’s Segment - I have two for the each of ya...

Our first segment of tonight is called,  I have two for the each of ya....So in this segment, we’re going to learn a little bit about our two guests on tonight’s show.


  • Martin, can you tell us a little bit about your background?

    • Firearms History- did you grow up around guns?

    • How did you get into the Marines?

    • Can you tell us a little about how you became a gunsmith and a blacksmith?


  • Robert can you tell us about your background?

    • How did you get into firearms?

    • How did you end up in the military?

    • What did you do in the military?

    • What made you decide to become a firearms instructor?


HGN’s Segment - Skin that Smokewagon

Alright guys lets move on to our segment called Skin that Smokewagon. Go ahead, skin it! Skin that smokewagon and see what happens…

During this segment we will talk about all things guns, gear, and roving the hills of the wild wild west searching for fortune and trouble.



  • Iron Hammer Armory



  • Tell us about Kenaz Tactical?

    • Meaning of Kenaz

    • Cover where you are based

    • what you teach

    • anything special you teach

    • your approach to teaching



HGN’s Segment: Live Audience Questions



Robert: Special Co-Host Segment: I’m your Huckleberry

Our next special co-host segment is called “I’m your Huckleberry” because Robert Butler is one of the few men left on earth with enough skill and intelligence, to challenge Ringo. What are we talking about tonight Robert?



WA’s Segment: Rapid Fire

Alright to move on to our next segment, RAPID FIRE. The rules of this segment are simple: I will ask you a series of questions and you answer yes or no..there are no explanations allowed...simply a yes or no. Here we go.


  • Are you are a better shot than Robert?
  • Are AKs a better weapons platform than ARs?
  • Are the minions the messiest creatures in the world?
  • Isn’t quitting cigarettes a piece of cake?
  • Do you make the best AK ever produced?


  • Have you ever thrown a weapons platform?
  • Do people generally show up with too much gear that is useless to training classes?
  • Is your name on Call of Duty really “fluffy bunny”?
  • Do you hate quick scope campers?
  • is the 5.56 better than the 7.62X39



HGN’s Segment -  It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.


Let’s move on to our next segment where we’re going to talk about some gear we got this week or saw this week that impressed us...or didn’t if the case may be...It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.

HGN: FrogLube vs RandCLP

WA: Skeletonized AR lower from Aero Precision

Martin: AK47 trunnion

Robert: Lanco Grip Stop


Segment: Live Audience Questions 



WA’s Segment: The red sash cowboy gang was broken forever

Lets move on to our last segment of the night where just like how the movie tombstone ended where The red sash cowboy gang was broken forever...I suppose it’s time to break up this gang.


Martin: Martin what’s going on over at Iron Hammer Armory?

Robert: Robert what do you have going on up at Kenaz Tactical Group...I heard you have some stuff coming up with Tactical Black Firearms?


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