PTS 010 – Tim from Military Arms Channel

Tim from Military Arms Channel joins us to talk about his YouTube channel, Bullpups, Tavor, NEMO Omen, and his terrible experience with the Kel-Tec KSG.

Practically Tactical - Episode 10

Date: Dec 18, 2013

Time: 7PM

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory

Special Guest: Military Arms Channel


  •  Tim, can you provide us on some historical background on you? Did you grow up around guns? What led you to the military?
  •  After the marines, what have you been upto? motivation to start a youtube channel?
  •  So, youtube channel, thebangswitch, what else have you been upto?
  •  Tell us about thebangswitch for those who aren’t familiar with the site
  • You have an awesome youtube channel out there when it comes to guns and ammo...can you tell us some of the Coolest Things You Have Done Because of YouTube?
  • Guns?
  • IWI Trip?
  • Any guns that have just completely disappointed you?
  • You must have the best wife ever to let you buy yourself a NEMO Arms Omen? How do I get one of those, the cool wife that is… ;)
  • Tell us about your Omen as it has to be on many people’s want list.
  • Any initial thoughts so far?
  • Your approach when doing gear reviews?
  • Gun reviews?
  •  You are a proponent of steel cased ammo. Many people think that it is bad in an AR. What are your thoughts on steel cased ammo for ARs
  •  How often do people tell you that you short chucked the KSG?
  • Any update on your KSG Saga?


 Gear Chat

  • The AR/AK platform debate. Where do you stand? What do you like about each platform?
  •  Cool surplus guns
  • Pistol
  • Rifle
  •  Might not hit all these, more of suggestions for chat!
  • Questions from chat we will throw in when we can.
  •  Bullpups...good, bad, why or why not…specific purpose and use…
  • When you look at and evaluate AKs (and all the variants), what is it that you look for?
  • What differentiates a 500$ AK from a 1500$ AK
  • Favorite Optics For Rifle?
  • Favorite Rifles You Have Shot?
  • Favorite Pistol You Have Shot?
  • Pistol and Rifle
  • Most wanted to shoot?
  • Hypothetical Situation