PTS 009 - Rob Furlong

Canadian sniper Rob Furlong talked about his new marksmanship academy, his 1.5 mile shot, operation anaconda, and long range shooting.  

Practically Tactical - Episode 9

Date: Dec 11, 2013

Time: 7PM

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory, and Greg

Special Guests: Rob Furlong




So Rob, can you give us some background history on you? Your story from growing up to enrolling into the military?

What made you decide to become a sniper?

We often hear about snipers and shooting long distance, but can you tell us about the role of a sniper as it is more than just shooting at distance and what tactical advantages snipers offer?

You are obviously well known for the shot, but can you tell about operation anaconda from a military standpoint and what the your team’s goals were?

 While your shot is known rather well, another member of your team also had a very long shot. Your team whole team was awarded Bronze Stars by the US military. Can you tell us just how effective your team was, and from a tactical point, what does that do to the enemy?

Rob Furlong and Carlos Hathcock are now used in the same sentence. That has to feel awesome?

What was your gear loadout on your typical missions?

So, what have you been doing out of the military? I heard you are launching your own Marksmanship Academy? What can you tell us about it?

Classes Offered

Break Each One Down


 Needed Gear for a person taking first course

 Gear Recommendations For First Time Long Distance Shooters

While gear is obviously very important, just how valuable is a spotter?


 Everyone knows about the Barrett M82 (or M107) but maybe not the McMillan Tac-50 (MK15 Mod 0 by US Designation). Can you tell us about why that rifle was used and some key differences between it and the Barretts?


Thoughts on the new “computerized” optics.

Already in the military? Ever be in the military?


Rob, lets say someone wants to start long distance shooting. Can you recommend to them a rifle & optics that might fit into these categories:





Favorite Optics For Rifle?

Favorite caliber?


Favorite Rifles You Have Shot?

Favorite Pistol You Have Shot?


What guns would you recommend to first time shooters?

Pistol and Rifle


Most wanted to shoot?