PTS 008 - Kirsten Joy Weiss and FateofDestinee

Kirsten Joy Weiss and FateofDestinee talk with us about YouTube, the atmosphere of the firearms industry, competitive shooting, concealed carry for women, and more!

Practically Tactical - Episode 8

Date: Dec 4, 2013

Time: 7PM

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory

Special Guests: Kirsten Joy Weiss & FateOfDestinee


What advice would you have for women that are scared of shooting? And how can we get more women involved in shooting?

What advantages or disadvantages do you think you have being a woman in the firearms and shooting industry?

What made both of you decide to start YouTube channels?

Deal with constant inappropriate comments?

How do you get onto a sponsored team? How does that work?

How many rounds of do you go through in a day of training, week, month?

How long do you train for each outing? What drills do you do?

Lets say, for example, Dest came up to you and said she wanted to get into competition and/or olympic would you tell her to get started?

How does one try out for the olympic team?

What type of competition shooting do you shoot in?

Your discipline is 3-pos and prone small bore competitions, what exactly are those and how do the matches work?

You’re sponsored by team Lapua...what does that mean exactly? What do you shoot with them?

Do you shoot pistols at all?


So, FoD 2.0, can you tell us about the new software version?

Tell us about the Run & Gun w/ Nelson Tactical!

Types Of Trainings Did You Do?

How much fun did the rain add?

Tell Us Again how much you love the cold!

Women who carry firearms for self defense?

Alternative Methods of Self Defense using non-lethal items?

Is there any gear that you would use as a girl that might be different from what a guy would use? (from emily)

Favorite Rifles You Have Shot?

Favorite Pistol You Have Shot?

Favorite Optics For Rifle

Favorite caliber?

What guns would you recommend to first time female shooters?

Pistol and Rifle


if you were going to get an AR in a NON-NATO caliber, what caliber would you get it in?

Most wanted to shoot?