PTS 007 – Top Shot Dustin Ellermann

Top Shot Season 3 Winner Dustin Ellermann comes on and talks about his experience on Top Shot, Camp Hisway, Suppressors, ARs, Volquartsen, and Walther handguns.

Practically Tactical - Episode 7

Date: Nov 21, 2013

Time: 9:30AM

Hosts: HandGunNewbie, WalkerArmory

Special Guest: Dustin Ellermann


Walker Armory


Dustin Ellermann

Info/Details On Dustin - Where/What/When/Why/How

Topics (Interview-ish Style)

Dustin, how did you get started into firearms?

 Before Top Shot?

Everyone knows you because of top shot, what did you do before the show?

How did you get on top shot? As in, find out about it, application processes, any qualifying?

During Top Shot -

- Top shot season 3...

- what was your favorite gun and or course of fire during top shot?

- how much of a pain was it working with the film crew and waiting for everything to get setup?

After Top Shot

What kind of shooting have you been doing lately? Competitions?

What has life been like after top shot?

Camp HisWay

Youth Marksmanship Camps

Gear Questions 

Favorite Helicopter to shoot from

Favorite AR Accessories

Volquartsen .22

How Awesome?

Shooting tips (rifle and handgun)

Favorite Gun Mods (Trigger, Muzzlebrake/Compensator/Suppressor/etc)

Most Wanted To Shoot