Handgun Radio 187 - Handgun Radio Christmas Gift Wishlist 2017!

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This week, we discuss our annual Handgunners Christmas Gift Guide 2017!!!!!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -Posted a video of the S&W K-Frames on the Facebook page and youtube channel! Go check them out!

-Had a big 14 hour standoff 100 yards away from my house!


Main Topic: Handgun Radio Christmas Gift Guide 2017


Every year we do a Handgunners Christmas Gift Guide! So here are some of our picks!



Ruger Gunsite Scout in .450 Bushmaster

Ruger GP100 in .44 Special

NAA Mini Revolver Speedloader

Polymer 80 Build Kit

1,000 Rounds of Tula 115 grain 9mm for $149.00!

Foam Earplugs

Big Blast Soda Bottle Target Caps


Weerd:  Remington 870 DM Tac 14

Desert Eagle L5 .44 Magnum

.460 Rowland Conversion kit

Dillon 650 XL

Ruger Redhawk .357


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