Handgun Radio 186 - New Guns, Holsters & More with Werkz Holsters!

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This week, we chat with our friend Shan from Werkz Holsters about their new products and more!


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Week in Review:


Ryan: Working on making some grips for the Model 19! Test run!!!

-Spent some time shooting a Henry Golden Boy .22 LR! Really awesome rifle!!!

-Shot dads Kimber 9mm more this weekend, functioned well!!!


Weerd: The Plague has hit Weer’d World.   Spent my range day sitting in my chair coughing.

Did have my Nephew over,  we didn’t get a chance to get out to the club, but did spend some time in the armory answering technical questions.


Shan:  High West Redeption Rye in my left hand.  This week, picked up a XDS 3.3 in 9mm.  Also just recently put together a P80 G19.


Drink Segment:  Variation on Blood and Sand.

2oz Rye

¾ Oz: lemon juice

¾ Oz: Cherry Brandy

¾ Oz: Sweet Vermouth


Not bad,   I certainly like the lemon over the orange,  but I do think the richer body of the Scotch plays better with these complex flavors.

Main Topic: Werkz Holsters Redux



Its been awhile since we had you on!


  1. What is new with Werkz holsters?

    1. Move to Idaho in 2014 - this has been a great blessing.  Love the people in Colorado, but we are quite well integrated with our little community.  We love the quality of life here.

    2. Continued expansion of pistols and lights/lasers we serve.  Up to 170+ pistols and 45-ish lights (some of which I’ve not yet listed on the website)

  2. What challenges have you encountered since we last talked?

    1. Time!  It’s a blessing to be so busy, but boy, I need more time to

      1. Finish our new website, which will have many more configuration options and be laid out more logically

      2. Provide a way for me to easily add a pistol or light/laser to our options mix across products.  This requires more automation.

      3. Time to build out new holsters for the M2 / M3 styles.

    2. Been selling on Amazon, which is a double edged sword

      1. Huge market opportunity

      2. Generous returns

      3. Less ability for me to understand and tweak if there are particular issues we need to resolve

    3. We are starting to grow to the point that finding the right employees is getting tougher

    4. We are starting to outgrow our shop space

  3. Have you done any more work with the 9x23 Win?

    1. Sadly, no.  I’m all in on the 9mm cartridge now, with my current EDC as a G19 with RMR and previous EDC was the VP9.  I may even put the 9x23 5” Benny Hill pistol up for sale as it gets zero range time.

  4. New Werkz Products?

    1. Continued expansion of the Origin, Minimalist, and Bisect product pistol and light selection

      1. Origin – built for OWB but adaptable to IWB, battle belt, backpack, etc.

      2. Minimalist – built for IWB

      3. Bisect – built for AIWB

    2. But the real focus is on our line of 3d scanned, CAD designed, and CNC cut molds.

      1. Allows us to give more features at the same or better price

        1. Adjustable retention

        2. Multiple carry positions

        3. IWB/OWB use

        4. Standard RMR cut

        5. Standard for threaded barrel drop through

      2. Enables me to train someone to build them in much less time than custom, again saving our customers money

      3. Higher degree of control over final product quality and fit/finish

      4. Process is fascinating…

        1. 3d scan the light & laser

        2. Bring into CAD

        3. Design the holster

        4. Cut the holster on a CNC machine

        5. Then production uses membrane-less forming for better definition

  5. Where do you see the market going based upon your customer demand?

    1. There is a lot of IWB demand

    2. AIWB demand is strong as well

    3. Need for quality, demand for increasing amount of features without increased cost

    4. Lights and lasers are getting smaller and less expensive

    5. We see the M2 and M3 holsters as our way of delivering more value to customers.

    6. What do you guys see as coming up or customer needs?

  6. Weerd Any questions?



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Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!!!