Handgun Radio 175 - Listener Handguns, Slingshots & More!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, Weerd & I discuss listener dream guns, slingshots, folding Glocks & more!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: FRN Transfer


Drink Segment:  http://grandten.com/spirit-type/the-vesper/

GrandTen Distillery Vesper

Main Topic:

Listener Dream Guns:


I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Episode 174. I thought I would share my ideal handgun design with you guys, I'm interested to hear your thoughts on it...

Start with a CZ75 Compact. Now change the frame to polymer, but the exact same profile as the current metal frame...no pic rail up front and exact same beavertail on the back. Now slim it up and make it a single stack magazine, capacity of about 7+1 or 8+1 with the always wonderful CZ DA/SA trigger. Frame mounted Decocker only option, no safety.  Add some mild checkering/stippling of the grip area, not like sandpaper but not silky smooth either. Metal sights top it off with a bright fluorescent green daylight dot with tritium insert on the front sight, and an all blacked out rear sight with a good ledge on the front of the rear sight for one hand slide manipulation. Chamber it in your choice of 9mm, .40 s&w, or .357 Sig. Since it's my ideal gun, I'd have one each in all three chamberings…

Listener Nathan:

Size: The first one has to be full size....then you make smaller versions.

Magazine: The magazine should be as close to the Springfield XD mags as possible.

Material: Steel slide.....950" max width. Slide cut thinner at front for easy holster entry. Slide flat topped and grooved; polymer frame with steel frame insert that holds ignition system. No finger grooves. Shape like CZ75 with palm swells, but just a bit smaller circumference and thinner. Sharp fine checkering on front and back strap....relatively smooth sides like Ruger SR9.

Caliber: 9mm ....it just makes sense, even though I prefer 40 & 45.

Trigger Style: Large radius curve and sliding like a typical 1911.

-Trigger System: SA striker fired with striker block lifted by trigger take up. Rotating sear like 1911, m&p or XD.

-Sights: RR-Ledge shape, serrated, about 0.145" wide FR-0.125" wide tritium/white outline dot, front to rear dovetail like cz75

-FR Serrations, DLC type coating, grip safety & single side thumb safety like 1911, take down lever like XD , loaded chamber indicator and cocked indicator you can feel like XD.

-Barrel: Ramped with 1911 or CZ75 lockup, removable slide bushing like CZ. Cut flush with bushing. Threaded type available

Listener Doug:

I'm going to buck the trend here:

My ideal handgun is a 6 shot .357 magnum revolver.

Stainless steel frame, about the size of a Colt Detective Special.

2.5" barrel, but ideally it would have interchangeable barrels like the old Dan Wessons.

Double action only, with pull about 9 lbs.

Shrouded hammer.

Total weight would be a bit over 20 ounces.


Fiber-optic front, available in various heights.

Drift adjustable Novak-style rear sight, plain black, no dots.

Stocks: boot-style grips.

Cylinder release: Ruger style.

Listener Jeff:



Basic Slingshot vs Wrist Brace Slingshot

Ammo….Rocks, ¼ Ball Bearings, ⅜ Inch Ball Bearings

Flat Bands vs Tubes



Folding Glock?:


LifeCard Pistol:



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