HGR 072 - Kahr Talk

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This week, I’m joined by TJ and Weerd Beard to discuss the Kahr brand of handguns and my new 9mm single-stack!

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Week in Review:

Ryan - Did some reloading for my new gun, got 50 rounds of 9mm 115 grain ball loaded up and got to test them today. They functioned perfectly although one magazine the slide didn’t lock back so I think I may have bumped it with my thumb.

  • Got a Sticky Holster in for test and evaluation. Look for a review coming up soon on the Firearms Insider!


Weerd:  http://www.weerdworld.com/2014/a-little-gun-geekery/

Main Topic: Kahr Talk

As I have mentioned before on the show, I was looking for something that was much lighter and suited to comfortable pocket carry. I was looking for a 9mm, and a single stack. At first I considered guns like the S&W Shield or the LC9s but those all had features that I didn’t care for. The LC9s has too many “safety” devices and the Shield just seemed too big for comfortable pocket carry. I had thought about the XDs but that has too many safety devices as well. Then TJ and Chad mentioned the Kahr pistols to me. I remembered shooting one a long time ago and I really liked the long smooth revolverish trigger pull. I started searching for a CM9 but had no luck around here. They were all running too high for my budget. I had resigned myself to just getting a Ruger LCP with a grip extension and being done with it, but then I decided to check one of the local swap and sell websites. There was a Kahr CM9 9mm with TWO magazines and the original box and papers. The price was well below what everyone else wanted for them. I asked the seller why he didn’t want it and why he didn’t shoot it and he responded with “I have no use for a 9mm, we shoot 10mm and .45 around here” (which was an awesome response, by the way). The gun was in its original factory condition and visual inspection didn’t show any evidence that it had been fired beyond the test-firing at the factory.

So far, I have put about 50 rounds through the Kahr and I couldn’t be happier with it! The gun fits my hand well, it has a fantastic trigger pull that is smooth without alot of takeup. It just has a nice consistent firm resistance all the way through the stroke. The gun has not hung up, even on my handloads and has functioned reliably so far. The sights are really good and the gun carries well in the pocket without snagging on the draw. I highly recommend the Kahr CM9, especially if you are a longtime revolver shooter like me; the trigger will be just like an old friend.

A great review of the CM9 from Chad W. over at the Firearms Insider!

TJ couldn’t make it this evening, but he did send me a message to let us know his experience with his Kahr .380.

I sold my LCP because I wanted something with better sights and a better trigger. The Kahr seemed to fit that role, so I went with it. When I picked it up from that dealer, I immediately realized how stiff the slide was. I actually cut my finger trying to lock it open, but I knew that Kahr recommended a break in period, so I wasn't worried. The slide weight actually loosened up just from handling it for a few days. The first range trip, I had a couple of failures to feed and failures to extract during the first 60 rounds. When I shot it this past weekend, it functioned perfectly for about 150 rounds. The only issues I had were 2 stovepipes and the slide not locking open on an empty mag. The stovepipes I attributed to the 2 new 7 round mags, because it only happened the first time I shot each mag, so I feel confident with that. I ended up fixing the slide lock issue by holding a locked thumb grip, verses my usual thumbs forward grip. I was very impressed with the accuracy as J was able to keep most of the rounds on an 11x17 silhouette at ~15 paces. In the end, I love my Kahr and would recommend one to anyone. Just remember the break in, and it'll be great.

Weerd Beard, you have many, MANY Kahr stories. What has been your experience with Kahrs?

What features that are on Kahrs make them different from other polymer pistols?

What would you like to see Kahr come out with in the future?

Obscure Gun of the Week:

(Ruger must have heard us talk about the LCR style in the long barrel a few episodes back)

Ryan: Small North American Arms revolver in .32 S&W (with a corresponding company offering to load .32 S&W), either top break or swing out. Would be great quality and a fun gun.

Weerd: X Frame in .22 LR (22 SHOTS!!!)