HGR 023 - Handgunners Christmas Gift Guide

HGR 023 - Handgunners Christmas Guide

In this episode, Ryan discusses some possible gifts you can buy for that special handgunner in your life!

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Week in Review:

  • FINALLY found some primers and did some reloading this weekend! It was mighty cold (12 degrees Fahrenheit!) but it was fun to get behind the reloading bench again.  Loaded up 200 .38 Special rounds with a 148 grain plate Hollow based wadcutter from Berry’s Bullets.  They make a quality product and I use a lot of their bullets in my handloads. I typically load the plated bullets using lead bullet load data and I usually have great success with these bullets in 9mm Parabellum (115 grn) and in .38/.357.  You can’t drive them as fast as jacketed bullets in the .357 Magnum, as you could encounter seperation of the plating material from the bullet itself. Plating is NOT a jacket in the traditional sense.
  • I got some time to pull apart my 3 S&W revolvers (19, 66, 60) and really give them a thorough scrubbing. It really is amazing how all the parts inside the gun function in concert with one another and accomplish the goal of firing the weapon. I now remember why I dreaded taking my S&W’s apart: the rebound spring & slide.  Getting the rebound spring and slide out of the gun is fairly easy, but putting it back in the gun can be quite a chore.  I suffered a nasty cut from a screwdriver putting back in the rebound spring on my Model 66.  Brownells makes a Rebound Spring & Slide tool that is properly bent and slotted to allow you to work on your S&W revolver and put the rebound spring and slide back in place fairly easily.  A screwdriver is not the most ideal method of putting the spring back in place.
  • I discussed shooting shot loads out of the Pietta 1851 Navy Colt reproduction last episode.  Using #6 shot, I was able to load and fire the charge but it was not very accurate or powerful at all.  I have had much better success with the factory made shot capsules that you can buy from Speer/CCI.  I purchased some gun club target loads with #8 shot in those so I may try those next as I can get more shot in the chamber, but given the reduced mass of the #8 shot I don’t foresee it being any more successful. Also you need to find a sealant like bore butter or some people use Crisco, as the shot charge won’t be held in the chamber by the lubrication wad like a roundball will and will simply fall out if the gun is pointed downward.
  • Speaking of the S&W revolver disassembly project, I created a video overview of how to disassemble your Smith & Wesson revolver along with some tips and tricks to aid you in doing so.  It should be posted as a blog post over at the Firearms Insider very soon so be sure to go check it out! I will post a link to it on the Handgun Radio FaceBook Page.

Main Topic: Handgunners Christmas Guide

  • One of the really useful products for the handgunner who is a reloader is the Lee Hand Prime XR tool. This tool uses a square primer tray and a caliber-specific shellholder system to allow you to prime cartridge cases by hand without needing to be at your reloading bench.  Many people prime using the press mounted priming tool but some people, like me, choose to use the hand priming tool while sitting watching T.V. or listening to the radio. The hand priming tool works really well and also allows for more precise seating of primers than using the press mounted tools.
  • Another great product for the reloader is the   Lee Powder Scoop Kit The Powder scoop kit allows you to measure out powder while reloading using the Lee Powder measure card, which shows how much powder each size scoop will throw.  It can be very useful when reloading with a powder that doesn’t flow well while using a measure.
  • Two great books for the gunny in your life are the Greatest Handguns of the World Vol 1 & 2 by Massad Ayoob. These are some of the greatest books I have read regarding classic handguns.
  • HKS Speedloaders & Safariland Speedloaders! Safariland SpeedloadersHKS Speedloaders
  • Steel Targets make shooting more fun! MGM Steel Targets
  • Reloading For Handgunners by Patrick Sweeney is a great resource for insights and advice when reloading pistol cartridges.
  • Cartridges of the World is a really awesome way to discover the history behind your favorite cartridges, as well as learn about the more weird and uncommon cartridges that are out there.  It is a really good coffee table book or just general interest reading as well as a great reference book.

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Until next week, have fun, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and SAFE SHOOTING!