HGR 027 - SHOT Show 2014 Preview & Discussion

HGR 027 - SHOT Show 2014 Preview & Discussion

This week, Ryan and guest Matt discuss some of the new products that have been announced and will be introduced at this years SHOT Show!

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Week in Review:

Ryan -

  • Wrote an article over at the Firearms Insider about the new Remington R51 and where it came from. Here is the link for the article, be sure to go check it out along with all the other great content over at the Firearms Insider!
  • Been pretty busy with show stuff and preparing to help out the guys who are in Las Vegas this coming week for SHOT Show 2014! Jake and the rest of the team have a really good game plan for covering as much as absolutely possible while out there.  Each team of two has a high definition video camera to capture as much video of the new products that are going to be introduced.  Please visit www.shotshow2014.com for all the coverage by the Firearms Radio Network!
  • A friend of mine got a deal on a shrouded hammer .38 Special revolver. A close friend had the firearm and just wanted to get rid of it, as they weren’t really a gun person.  They let it go for $50.  It is a Taurus 851 with an alloy frame and a titanium cylinder. It has a shrouded hammer, which I don’t particularly care for, but otherwise looks to be a great little .38, especially for $50. It’s his first gun, so welcome to the world of being a gun owner Jeffery.
  • Matt
  • Finishing up work on my buddies 686, getting it ready for idpa/icore this year
  •           working with the 686 competitor just got
  •            working on my vcomp, fitting the new ti cyl

Main Topic: SHOT Show 2014 Preview & Discussion

This week we are just going to discuss some of the items we have seen announced for this years SHOT Show.  As we said before, Firearms Radio Network will have a lot of people on the ground for SHOT this year, getting as much footage and info as possible for you! Please visit the www.shotshow2014.com link for all the coverage!

We will just discuss these picks:

- All new S&W Revolvers!

- S&W Laser-less Bodyguard .380 ACP

- Ruger GP-100 Match Champion

- Magnum Research 1911U Sub-Compact

- Walther PPQ M1 (Limited?) & M2

- Remington R51 9mm

- Glock 42 .380 ACP

-Springfield Range Officer 1911 in 9mm

- Ruger LCRx Exposed Hammer

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Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!!!