Handgun Radio 222 - Carry Setup

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This week, we talk our carry setup

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Week in Review:

Listener Email:

Name: Q.B.

Subject: 450 SMC

Message: Over last couple of shows, I heard Weird Beard mention wanting to convert his new handgun to 450 roland. Maybe he should look into Double Tap 450 SMC ammo with no conversion needed. Also might be able to get Mike, owner of Double Tap on the show, know as the god father of 10mm.

Name: Rick

Subject: Jo.Lo.Ar. pistol

Message: Any help in field stripping this gun?

Thanks in advance,

Rick .....


Drink Segment: Woodford Reserve bourbon

Listener Email: From Spencer “ your last discussion about pocket carry for the LCR made me realize you must not have seen the excellent ‘boot grips’ Ruger sells for them for $30 on their site. They aren’t quite as comfortable as the regular grips, but they are still Hogue's with the shock-absorbing gel strip in them, and are very comfortable.

I use these on my LCR in 9mm, which recoils about the same as the 357 setup I used to carry. You do lose a place for your pinky finger with these grips, but the gun is still very controllable and it fits in places the bulkier standard grip makes difficult.

BTW, I know that 357 sounds cooler, but 9mm in a snubby is a much more efficient way to get the same (or better) results. Take a look at Ballistics By The Inch sometime if you want to be seriously depressed about how bad 357 in snubbies sucks.

Since my regular carry gun (FNS-9 Compact) is in 9mm, and the LCR sometimes does backup duty, the compatibility made a lot of sense for me. Since it indexes off of the case mouth, you don’t need moon clips to shoot, and with nickel-plated defense ammo, you don’t really need them for ejection either, at least not for the first few cylinders.”

LCR Boot Grip

Main Topic: Our Carry Setup


-Steyr C9-A1 with 17 round mag. Extra mag in pen pocket of Carhartt Pants

-RPS Tactical Adaptive Holster

-9mm Hornady Critical Duty 135 Grain

-Pocket Holster: Desantis Nemesis for all

-S&W Model 60 Modified (In Pocket) with .38 Special Speer 135 grain Short Barrel Gold Dot loads

-4 rounds in speedstrips or 5 rounds in an HKS speedloader.

-Kahr CM9 9mm using the same Hornday ammo. (in pocket)

-Limited Concealability: Either the Taurus PT22 Poly .22 LR with CCI LRN or NAA .22 Magnum with Speer GD 40 grn. Both with pocket holsters

Weer’d Carry Setup: Primary S&W 1911Sc in a Galco Miami Classic II

Light Carry: Kahr PM 45 in a DeSantis Nemesis

Lighter Carry: Ruger LCR .357 also in a Desantis Nemesis with Bianchi Speed Strips

Last Resort: Beretta 21A .22 LR in an Uncle Mike’s Small pocket Holster


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