HGR 016 - A Former Australian's Firearms Journey

HGR 016 - A Former Australian’s Firearms Journey

This week, Ryan talks Glocks, NFA Items, and Firearms Freedoms with his friend John aka The Mad Aussie.

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  • This week we will be having a discussion with my friend John who have known for several years.  You may have seen him on my YouTube  channel shooting guns with me or working behind the camera. John is a native of Australia who moved here many years ago and obtained his U.S. Citizenship.  He has vast knowledge of many different firearms and helped me get more into guns as well as helping me to get into reloading.  We will be discussing his journey through the firearms world and why he has gotten involved with the firearms that he has. If we stray from the handgun topic somewhat, my apologies.

Main Topic: John aka The Mad Aussie Interview:

1.) When did you come to the United States and obtain your citizenship? What prompted you to get involved in the firearms world?

1b.) Were there any problems purchasing firearms, passing the standard background check etc. due to the fact that you weren’t a native born American citizen?

2.) What were your first firearms once you arrived in the States? Did you have any prior experience with firearms while growing up in Australia?

3.) What prompted you to start acquiring NFA Items such as suppressors and Short Barreled Rifles (SBR’s)?

4.) Out of all the handguns you own or have owned, which one would you say was your favorite?

5.) Out of all the handguns you own or have owned, which one was the absolute worst?

6.) You have a lot of experience with Glocks. Which models do you have, which one is your favorite and why do you feel that way?

7.) You also have experience with the Glock drop-in barrels from Lone Wolf Distributors. What do they allow you to do? Have your experiences with these drop-in barrels been positive?

8.) You own several suppressors, in your experience are they worth purchasing for a handgun, and have you noticed any functioning/reliability problems in using suppressors?

9.) Looking at all firearms manufacturers, if you could ask any one of them to come out with a certain handgun design or spec out the gun yourself, what would you ask them to produce?


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