Handgun Radio 207 - Mouse Guns Part Deux!

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This week its Mouse Guns Part Deux! Small Guns in Big Calibers!


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Week in Review:


Ryan: Repaired a rotten fence in my backyard…..I am exhausted and sunburnt.


Weer’d: Just got back from a children’s birthday party.  Mini-golf and sugar overload. Didn’t go as bad as I had expected,  everybody behaved themselves and had a good time.

Also I’m proud to say that my daughter earned a yellow belt at her Martial Arts school.   It’s a very cool school that does mostly MMA training, and the Instructor is all about practical self defense,  and he’s an NRA instructor.


Drink: So I’ve been thinking about this ever since I made a rhubarb crumble spiced with cardamom.   They went so well together, I’ve been thinking about my bottle of Ransom Old Tom Gin. I’ve never mixed this gin with anything before so I was a bit nervous that I might have wasted some expensive gin.

Nope, it’s AWESOME!

2oz Ransom Old Tom Gin

1oz Fresh Lime juice

0.5 oz Rhubarb Syrup


Main Topic: Mouse Guns Part Deux

This time we decided to take a different approach to “mouse guns”. Small guns in big calibers. And when we say small, Glock Subcompact is the uppermost size limit. I know some people may not say they are “mouse guns”.


Smith & Wesson Shield


Sig Sauer P290 & P365


Kimber Micro 9 & small “1911” 9mm’s


Springfield XDS


Rorhbaugh R9

(Now Remington RM380)




Kahr Guns (CM9, PM45, etc)


Glock Subcompacts (26,27, so on)


Heizer & Pocket AR


Beretta Pistols (Nano)


Kel Tec PF9 & P11



Walther PPS


.357 J-Frames & Misc




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