HGR 071 - Handgun Design Disasters Redux

HGR 071 - Handgun Design Disasters Redux Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wilds of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, I’m joined by Weerd Beard to discuss some Handgun Design Disasters!

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Week in Review:

Ryan -

  • My neighbor picked up a beautiful Star Model B in 9mm. It looks just like a 1911 but is way way cheaper but still seemed beautifully made. I may just have to get one myself!

Weerd -

Main Topic: Handgun Design Disasters

We’re gonna separate this up into two categories: handgun designs that were just absolutely terrible and shouldn’t have been introduced, and then handgun designs that weren’t all that terrible, but didn’t catch on in the market for any number of reasons. We will start with the horrible designs.

Handgun Design Disasters:

M1907 Schouboe : Shoots a WOODEN bullet.

Gyrojet Pistol:

Nambu Type 94

Dardick Pistol (Too Expensive, Poor Seller, odd round and technology)

.327 magnum Revolvers (Just never took off, wasn't a big enough advantage between it and .38 +P)

HK VP70 (Lot's of Firsts.  First Polymer Striker-fired pistol.   I believe first DAO pistol...but expenisve, horrible trigger, REALLY bulky, and nasty recoil due to straight blowback)

Bren Ten (scaling up a gun from 9mm to 10mm meant it had a short service life,  production issue)

Glock 22 1st Gen? (Kaboom Glock because of chamber support and general susceptibility of pressure spikes with .40 S&W)

Rem R51 Duhh

Colt American 2000   Cool design compleatly ruined by Colt Engineers.

S&W Bodyguard .38   Ruger LCR is essentially operates like a SP101,   the Bodyguard has the cylinder release on the back strap for "Ambidexterity" but the crane still only goes to the left.

Kel Tec PMR-30  Really neat gun, but like all Kel-Tecs it has limited production numbers.   Also early models had issues with round stabilization, and the magazines are really difficult to load.

S&W Model 61 Escort  S&W 1913 S&W attempt to join in with the pocket autos,  but it just didn't measure up.

S&W 242 Ti and 296  S&W's own "Chief Special" line of sub Cool guns, but at the same time the Baby Glocks were hitting the scene, plus compact autos they just didn't take off.

Charter arms pitbullShould have started with a 9mm Undercover,  this gun has ZERO advantages as a backup gun when you could just carry a Glock 27 or other subcompact .40

Medusa Revolver  Very interesting design, but I don't even know if they ever went into production.


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