HGR 108 - Handguns & 3D Printing

Hello and welcome to Episode 108 of Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.This week, Weerd Beard and I discuss the 3D printing of handguns. The concept has been tried with other platforms, but some people are able to apply the process to handgun manufacture as well!

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Week in Review:

Ryan- Not much gun stuff, but there is a reason for that. If you aren’t on the facebook page you haven’t seen this, but this past Thursday, the man who taught me most of what I know, my grandfather, passed away after a long battle with alzheimer's and the after effects of a motorcycle accident 7 years ago. He always taught me to question how things work, and always encouraged me in my endeavors. I posted a picture of his guitar rig on Facebook when I played it at my gig saturday night in his honor, and I just wanted to thank everyone who wrote with condolences. It was very much appreciated. I think this coming weekend I will take the .22 Rifle that he used to use to smack groundhogs out to the range and shoot it on the steel. Thank you to everyone for your support.

Tragedy in Wisconsin for Concealed Carrier

Weerd- On Vacation camping at a large family camp.   Because of all the kids, the open nature of the tents, and the amount of kids running around (and the amount of time I spent with the girl in Lake Champlain) I didn’t bring a gun.   Sometimes your best option is just not to carry...well a gun, I ALWAYS have a knife on me.

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Main Topic: Handguns & 3D Printing

We talk about the incredible technological strides we make in the firearms industry when it comes to new design concepts, new gear or new integration of electronics into firearms, but what about the construction of them by themselves? For the majority of history, firearms have been manufactured in large industrial facilities out of chunks of metal that require milling by a very expensive machine. However, new 3D printing technology has started to change all that. While it is still in its infancy, 3D printing is proving to be a very interesting avenue that gun designers can go down. Beyond making functional firearms, 3D printing offers advantages to designers in that they can construct prototypes out of plastic before investing the time and money to make a working full metal prototype.

Legal Issues Surrounding 3D Printing

International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)

Undetectable Firearms Act

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