HGR 038 - Gun Shows & Listener E-Mails

HGR 038 - Gun Shows & Listener E-Mails

Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of Handgun Radio! This week, I’m going to discuss my trip to the recent gun show in Lewiston, ME, along with some short interviews I recorded there and some observations. Then I will address a couple listener e-mails!

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Week In Review:

  • Probably going to end up having the rear firing pin that is broken replaced with a part that I have fabricated. It really isn’t a complex part, just a piece of short rod with one milled cut in it. I’m thinking of just getting a piece of drill rod stock and having a machinist friend make the proper cut after I measure the original. Any thoughts from anyone with more experience with this?
  • Got to see the new(er) Ruger 10/22 takedowns with the threaded barrels and different colored stocks. Really a cool little plinker .22 that takes down for easy storage and easy cleaning too!
  • Looking into a pair of Altamont Boot Grips for my J-frame. I was looking at the Uncle Mike’s Boot Grips that were discontinued, but I am afraid they are too grippy for pocket carry. I think the wood grips would work much better, and look much nicer as well.
  • Picked up some .357/.38 Lead Hardcast SWC at the gun show from CB Bullets. I have purchased bullets from this company before and have been very, very impressed. He does run an online business, and he is located in Maine. If you are at the gun show, you can get a box of bullets for an amazing price. I paid $20 for 250 where I usually pay 30$ for 250 plated bullets at Cabelas, sometimes more. Check it out!
  • That about wraps it up for the week in review, so we will head into the main topic, the Lewiston Gun Show and then some listener e-mails!

Main Topic: Lewiston, ME Gun Show & Listener E-Mails

On March 29th I attended the Lewiston Gun Show in Lewiston, ME with my friend the Mad Aussie. He had a table there and was selling some firearms so I went to help him out, and also try to get some interviews with folks at the show. There is a video over at the YouTube channel showing some footage from the pre-show vendor preview and then during the actual show. It was pretty large for the area, with roughly 60 to 70 tables, and many different vendors. I got to speak with the Mad Aussie about what he was looking forward to at the show.

-Mad Aussie Soundbite-

He picked up an Arcus 98 DA, which is a somewhat copy of a Browning Hi-Power. I will be interested to see that when I get the chance!

I also got to speak with Jeff Zimba, the Firearms Policy Specialist for the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine & the proprietor of the Big Shooterist channel on YouTube about what SAM’s goals were while at the show.

-Sportsman's Alliance of Maine Soundbite-

Be sure to go check out both links above to help support SAM’s mission in Maine. Even if you aren’t a Maine resident, there are organizations like SAM all over the country, so try to find one near you to see what you can do to help preserve firearms rights and continue the tradition of firearms recreation & collecting!

For some people, they may not have ever been to a gun show. They may have no idea what goes on, what it looks like, etc. Some people may even be afraid of them, wondering how safe it can be with so many firearms in one place. I can say, they are extremely safe. All firearms are checked at the door that are brought in, and must be tagged with the action open, usually by way of a zip tie. It may vary from state to state, but in Maine, people can bring in firearms to the gun show, to sell to vendors, but they must be checked at the door. A gun without a tag usually gets the attention of someone very quick.

If you are someone who is absolutely, positively livid whenever a gun “muzzles” you, even when it is laying untouched on a table, then a gun show is not for you. Yes, there may be some not too bright folks who accidentally muzzle people while inspecting a gun, but generally that is not an issue. It is a matter of respect and safety and the majority of folks do their best to not muzzle anyone when inspecting the gun, even when it is tagged and locked open. I have however seen some people who get upset when the gun is laying on a table. There are only so many directons the gun can point while laying on the table, and almost every one of them will be in the direction of someone at a gun show.

Prices can be very very good at a gun show! While I was there, I got those bullets I mentioned earlier for $20.00 and I also saw a Smith & Wesson 642 with Altamont grips for $429.00! The MSRP on that gun is in the $600’s so I thought that was a good price. The real killer deal though was a Glock 22 1st Generation, with some holster wear for $210! I had never seen such a low price on a Glock, I guessed that something had to be wrong with it, but there was no indication of that. If I had 210$ on me, it may have come home with me.

A word about sales at gun shows; the media tries to portray gun shows as places where people engage in illegal firearms sales and don’t follow the rules, sell guns to felons, etc. THAT IS NOT THE CASE! In Maine, private sales between adults of legal age are permissible. If you have an FFL and have a table at the show, you still must perform the background check just as you would if they purchased the gun in the shop instead of the show.

Gun shows are a wonderful place to find deals on great firearms and gear, and you can oftentimes find just the right gun for you!

Listener E-Mail


Hi Ryan, I would like to tell you that I really look forward to, and enjoy your show. I especially enjoyed the show on movie handguns. I really learned a lot! I was wondering if you could do a show on concealed carry handguns? I just shot my first revolver last week. I've been trying to decide whether to pick out a revolver, or a semi. I know you love the revolvers and I've actually been tempted to get a J frame for myself (are the bodyguards any good or am I better off with an air weight?) However, I mostly shoot semi so I'm torn. Maybe a round up or both types of small handguns would be nice. In the end I know it all comes down to personal preference, but I'd be interested what you (and anyone else on the network) have to say.


Really impressed with your knowledge of handguns. It was really evident that two experts were just sitting back and conversing on the same level in your interview with Ian from forgotten weapons. A very enjoyable conversation to listen in on.

I have a question for you not pertaining to the last show. That question is in regards to the 1911 in 45ACP  and a possible cause of damage to fired cases. The damage is to the corner of the case head and looks like a hammer peened over, in one spot, the very edge of the rim with one strike. This makes the case unuseable for reloading. It's not my weapon just a friend who showed me the casings and it was winchester white box ammo. My thinking is too soft of a slide spring and not an extractor problem since the sidewalls of casings are not damaged by ejection port in any manner. Would a soft slide spring cause the case to strike the breech face while in partial ejection hard enough to peen over the rim? I do have some pics if my description is inadequate.


Show suggestion: History of revolvers used by the United States Park Police. One of oldest uniformed police agency. It has come to my attention that they used Rossi .38 in the 1960's.


Quick mention about Aker Leather's gun belt.

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  • I apologize for the short length of the episode, but I wanted to get to some listener e-mail on the air. Until next week, have fun and safe shooting!!!!