HGR 041 - Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy & The Remington R-51

This week, myself and special guest Paul Carlson, the proprietor of the Safety Solutions Academy, discuss his work in the defensive training world as well as his experiences with the new-for-2014 Remington R-51.

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Week in Review:

paul carlson
paul carlson


  • Getting stuff ready for next week’s test of the Glock 42 and the XDs 4.0! Hope to get some great footage of these handguns!
  • My dad found a bunch of old holsters from his early patrol days, as well as the original wooden target grips for the S&W Model 19. I can’t wait to get those on there and see how it looked in it’s original format!

Main Topic: Safety Solutions Academy with Paul Carlson & the Remington R-51 Saga

Safety Solutions Academy:

  • What prompted you to start Safety Solutions Academy?
  • I notice you train people in many different disciplines, such as Unarmed Defensive Training, Long Guns, and have done trainings such as Mas Ayoob’s MAG-20/40 training. Do you have a particular formula that leads you to offer a wide variety such as this? Some way that you balance “knowledge” education with practical education i.e. range time?
  • In your experience, what are some of the more common training “mistakes” made by people who may be new to the training world?
  • With the great increase in firearms sales over the past several years, we have seen a corresponding increase in people offering training services. Many of these people are reputable, knowledgeable individuals such as you & your business, but many are not. For those people that are looking to spend some money and get some training, what are some things to note when looking for a good instructor/training company?
  • What do you have planned in the future for SSA?
  • What are some firearms you are really excited about for 2014?

The Remington R-51 Saga:

As many listeners know, I was extremely excited about the R51, because I am a huge fan of the Colt 1903 and it was nice to see a design from the period being brought back to life. Unfortunately, the R-51 seems to be experiencing quite a few problems. Paul has some videos over at the SSA YouTube page that you can check out!

  • First off, with a hands-on view of the gun like you have (I have not handled one yet) is it living up to much of the hype regarding its controllability and other “advantages”?
  • What are some of the issues that MOST concern you about the pistol? (Maybe from most concerning to least concerning?)
  • Do you have any thoughts as to what might be causing some of the issues you’ve experienced?
  • I really want this gun to work. It is really awesome when a company chooses to resurrect a classic design and they get it right. This is not the case with the R51 it seems. Do you have any thoughts on changes they could make to increase functionality?
  • If you could have the ultimate single-stack 9mm, what would your specifications be for the Paul Carlson 9mm?
  • What classic design would you like to see a modern company reintroduce? (my vote is the Colt 1903.)