Handgun Radio 151 - Handgunners Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad  from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, we discuss gifts for the handgunner in your life, as well as some listener emails!

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Drink Segment Let’s talk Glass!   Here are some glasses that will serve your home bar right.

Pint Glass:   This is your go-to beer glass,  you can also use it to mix highballs

Collins Glass:   A little smaller than a pint with straight sides.    This will be the traditional highball

Rocks Glass:   It’s like a collins glass cut in half,  tho often much wider.   Good for sipping spirits, or mixing lowball cocktails.

Cocktail Glass: My personal favorite,  a must for any cocktail served straight up.

Snifter: This is one you don’t hear much about.   It’s a bell-shaped glass with a small foot,  and it’s designed to drink spirits neat.  The shape of the mouth means your nose goes into the glass and it really intensifies the aromas.    This is a must for those who like sipping good scotch or bourbon.

Listener Emails:

Name: Kaleb

Message: Hello gentlemen,

The revolver in question is being imported by century arms and is called an Astra Police Revolver. I am unfamiliar with these guns and I am having some trouble finding information on them and hoped you could help with you vast knowledge.

I am interested in these revolvers as a sidearm for camping, hiking, and fishing here in southern Illinois. Basically, something I don't mind getting beat up, scratched, and maybe accidentally put in the mud of a fishing bank (there is a funny story behind that concern). However something that will go bang against a snake or rabid coon or possum. Any information would be helpful.

Thanks for your assistance and the wonderful show.

Thanks, Kaleb


Astra Revolvers on the High Road



New comment from Hesperus Enfield on Handgun Radio 150 - Cabelas Gun Library Trip & James Bonds Handguns:

The Ruger Super RedHawk variant you are looking for is called the Toklat. A local shop has one.

Also, I carry a Steyr M9. It's a very good gun. Sorry it's not a beretta 9000

Main Topic: 2016 Handgunners Christmas Gift Guide:

Ryan’s Picks:


.357 Magnum Tula 1000 Rounds

9mm Para Tula 1000 rounds

Desantis Nemesis Holster


(if you know what they use) reloading components

Patriot Patch Company T-Shirts & Patches

Condor Tactical Summit Jacket

RPS Tactical Holster (Gift Certificate)

Weer’ds Picks:

Beretta 9000….hey they’re cheap!!!

Ear-Pro Sonic Defenders

Tetra Gun Grease

Erik’s Picks:

Streamlight Protac 1L-1A

Tourniquet RATS



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