HGR 113 - Cool Handgun Names

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This week, I’m rejoined by Weerd Beard to discuss cool or interesting handgun names!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: Volquartsen Scorpion Video review is posted! Really enjoyed it! Written review is posted as well! Check it out!!!

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Weerd:   Chicken Fried a steak in Fireclean!

Drink: La Paloma  https://youtu.be/23jTUk8AxyU Thanks listener Bob!

Main Topic: Cool Handgun Names

Sometimes we don’t give much thought to handgun names. Granted, most of them are simply a model number like “Glock 21” or “S&W 459”. There are some handguns that have a special name or interesting name. We thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss!

Desert Eagle


Baby Eagle

AMT Auto Mag Series

AMT Hardballer

Arsenal Strike One "Strizh"

ASP (deep cover S&W by Paris Theodore)

Beretta 21A Bobcat

Beretta Cheetah

Colt “Snake gun” Series

"Deer Gun"

FP-45 Liberator aka "Flare Projector"

Mars Automatic Pistol


VZ 61 Skorpion




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