HGR 033 - Cabot Guns: A Discussion with company President Rob Bianchin

HGR 033 - Cabot Guns: A Discussion with company President Rob Bianchin


This week, Ryan has a discussion with Rob Bianchin, President of Cabot Guns, about their product line and the great lengths they go to in order to make the “Rolls Royce” of 1911 pistols!

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Week in Review:

  • Just wanted to say congratulations to Jake and his wife on the birth of their newest child!
  • Made several videos on the Youtube Channel. One video takes a closer look at a single-shot rolling block .22 LR pistol made by Uberti. I have not seen anything like it at gun shows or shops, and it is a blast to shoot. Go check it out!
  • Went to the Ancient Ones gun show this past weekend. The Ancient Ones is a group in Central Maine where the members live like the early frontier settlers did. Keeping with that theme, the Ancient Ones show is one of the biggest shows for blackpowder firearms and accessories in the state. I saw quite a few nice fireams, and I was really impressed by a Sig Sauer P938. If I ever win the lottery and have $795, that will be my first firearms purchase. I also got to see the new PPK/s .22 LR. It looked pretty nice, but I would have to fire it to see how I liked it. It fit the hand well.  Another highlight was being able to hold a vintage Sig P210. The gun felt like an extension of the hand and was a very comfortable and natural pointer. The $2,600 price tag was a bit too steep for me though. Maybe in the future!
  • Main Topic: Interview with Rob Bianchin of Cabot Guns

What is your background Mr. Bianchin?

What prompted the founding of Cabot Guns?

Many people oftentimes look at brand name over quality. Cabot is a relatively new firearms manufacturer. Why should someone purchase a Cabot Guns 1911 over something like a Colt?

Cabot 1911’s are absolutely some of the finest looking and finest made 1911’s I have ever seen. Some people see the price and don’t understand WHY these guns are so expensive compared to the mass-produced type of 1911’s. What sorts of goals does Cabot Guns set for the production of each and every 1911 pistol?

How much does the location of your manufacturing facility have an effect on the materials & skilled laborers you are able to utilize?

Where do you see Cabot Guns going over the next 5 years?

Is there anything new in the works at Cabot Guns that you can tell us about?


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Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!!!!

HGR 028 - Guns We Wish They Would Make

HGR 028 - Handguns We Wish They Would Make


This week, Ryan and some listeners discuss handguns that we wish they would make and handguns we wish they would bring back.

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Week in Review:


  • Spent most of the week working on videos from the team at SHOT Show 2014! Lots of great content is posted over at www.shotshow2014.com for your viewing pleasure! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard this past week.  I did get some shooting time in yesterday and shot my friends Taurus 851 he got and the Pietta Colt Navy .44 Blackpowder.


  • I did not get in any live fire unfortunately. I usually get 1 or 2 matches in a month (Steel Challenge & 3 Gun); however, I did do my dry fire drills thanks to my SIRT pistol. Everyday I basically just put the SIRT in my pocket and fire at random Post It notes around the house (stationary drills and shoting while on the move etc).

Matt: Bought a couple new handguns, a Savage Model 1905 and a Smith & Wesson Model 29.

Steve: Returned from SHOT Show which was completely overwhelming. Attended media day at the range which was somewhat underwhelming until I visited Tac-Con which has a new “close to full auto” trigger system. Disappointed that Remington did not have the R51 available to shoot, only variations of the R1.  Made a lot of good contacts for future content for the FRN.

Main Topic: Guns We Wish They Would Make:


  • Glock in 7.62x25 Tokarev
  • Ruger LCP in .22 LR
  • Colt M1903 Reproduction
  • S&W J-frame in 9mm
  • Walther TPH in .22 LR that functions
  • Modern reproductions of classic automatics, the Mauser C96 Broomhandle, Colt Woodsman (USFA WAS going to do this before they basically went out of business)


      *   S&W 929 4” pro *   S&W Schofield 45 colt *   S&W 940 9mm *   S&W 617 PC *   Ruger MK in 22 mag *   repo webley and enfield revo’s


  • Springfield XDM .22
  • Colt Python 3”
  • SIRT Springfield XD
  • FnH M1900 .32 ACP (Browning design)
  • Browning M1935



As always, thank you for listening, have fun, and SAFE SHOOTING!!!