HGR 042 - NRA Show 2014 Wrap-Up

This week, I hear from Handgun Radio’s NRA Show 2014 Floor Correspondent Matt Hoffman regarding his experiences at NRA Show 2014 and some of the really cool items he saw that are being introduced & improved!

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Week in Review:


  • Loaded some .38 Special cartridges with CB Bullet 158 grain LSWC. Awesome shooting target round with Trail Boss Powder.
  • The Glock 42 and XDs 4.0 videos have been postponed due to bad weather, but they will be upcoming shortly.
  • Go check out my video quick look at the Rossi Model 13 “Princess”. It is unlike any other revolver I’ve ever handled. It looks almost like a ⅝ scale model of a Smith and Wesson Hand Ejector (maybe that size is wrong) but it is a small framed, double action, swing out .22 LR revolver made by Rossi. It isn’t high quality, but it is VERY interesting.


      *  Still working loads for the NRA world shoot. Looks like I’ll be shooting a bottom   feeder, an M&P9 pro. Got it slicked up a bit and shoot it pretty well

Main Topic: NRA Show 2014

Frequent contributor Matt Hoffman made the trip out to NRA Show 2014 and kept an eye out as Handgun Radio’s NRA Show floor correspondent. He is here to share his impressions of the show, as well as some of the products he was able to check out!

  • What was your feel of the “mood” of the show? Good vibes?
  • Attendance?

      > ERGO grip for S&W J frames

              Rubber with a pebbled finish. They look like a potato or a wedge. They were too big for my hands and actually felt like they were going to wedge themselves out of my hands. My natural poa was way off with these. I’d like to try them anyway.

      >Magpul 1911 grips

               These were pretty nice and affordable. They had a smooth finish and a rougher set. I prefered the rougher set. They were nice and thin with a generous relief in the grip for the reaching the mag release. was told they come with hardware and both tapered and flat bottom in standard magpul colors

      >R51: a threaded barrel is now offered, but why if it doesn’t run? The sights were standard 3 dot, with a fairly easy racking slide. Gun rattles like a box of ball bearings and seems alot heavier than others in this size group. The trigger felt heavy and gritty but had a short reset. Not impressed at all.

      >SCCY CPX2: Not a bad gun, just too big for my hands and no way to reduce size. Available with or without thumb safety and various colors. A great value for $250 area.

      >Beretta Pico 380: Very small and concealable with no sharp edges and real sights. To me it was too smooth and small. It would carry great but would probably be very hard to control shooting even with mild loads. Better choices out there for probably cheaper. No msrp listed.

       >Sig 938 9mm: Liked this gun alot. I carried/competed with a 1911 for 2 years and this seemed very familiar. All the controls are the same just shrunk down. Very attractive, smooth slide, nice single action trigger and good sights. Felt a little awkward with the mag extensions, a little worried it might pinch under recoil. I would like to try one out for sure.

          >Sig 320: Sigs new striker fired entry. Comes in a full and compact model, all components can be swapped into smaller/larger frame. No interchangeable back straps so a new grip frame would have to be ordered to change size. The trigger was fairly heavy but had a short crisp reset. It just seemed cheap to be a Sig. The standard size frame didn't fit my small hands. Not one I would look at again.

          >Oriskany Arms 1911: One of the biggest surprises of the show for me. Never heard of them before but was very impressed. All American made 1911 that was very high quality. The slide was silky smooth, Novak style sights, nice thumb safety, raised grip safety and a great 3.5-4lb trigger. The finish on the base model I looked at was sort of a parkerized look with a set of black g10 grips. The fit and smoothness is equal to a much higher price gun. The president said this gun would retail for $750-800, an outstanding value if the production models are as nice as this one.

          >Walther CCP 9: Great ergonomics, great feel in the hand, nice trigger and a good size. About the size of the lc9,shield and xds. Gas piston design, worries if frame will get hot like the old H&K. Really liked this gun, would like to test drive one for awhile.

          >Walther ppq 9: Another great feeling pistol. Even with my short thumbs I could reach all controls. Trigger seemed better than the other poly service pistols in this category. The bore axis seems a bit higher than some and the round count is a little lower than others in this category. Would love to shoot a few matches with this one.

          >Ruger match champion: A lot of mixed feelings on this one. They had 2 on display 1 had a great smooth trigger, the other had a gritty trigger than had a lot of stacking. The grips were comfortable, had a slight chamfer on the cylinder,fiber optic sights and a tapered barrel to keep it quick handling. I’m not a fan of the push button cyl release or non adjustable rear sight. I think the adjustable rear sight is very important on a match revo. If I could get one with the good trigger I would give it a try, but I’m still a Smith guy.

         >S&W 66: A fine pistol that would serve anyone well. It just doesn't have the look or soul of the original. I’m  undecided about the 2 piece barrel and would prefer the polished finish. I wasn’t very excited about this one

         >S&W 69: I don’t need it but I want it. A 44 mag on the medium L frame. A great pack gun or hiking gun where big bore is needed without the weight. To fit the 44 in the L frame the round count had to be dropped to 5. I would love to see a a 2.5 version.

         >S&W 929pc 9mm: I definitely want this one. Its a 8 shot 9mm n frame revolver. This one is set for Competition and was designed by Jerry Miculek. I like the pinned front sight rather than the dovetailed version usually on pc guns. It takes moonclips so reloads are very quick. It has a short titanium cyl with a long throat barrel so accuracy should be awesome. The 6.5 barrel with removable comp was a lot quicker transitioning than I thought it would be. I still want a 4-5” version but am real tempted as is.

>PAR-1 .223 Pistol: I don’t see how any velocity or accuracy could come from this gun. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Just seems like a gimmick to me


HGR 027 - SHOT Show 2014 Preview & Discussion

HGR 027 - SHOT Show 2014 Preview & Discussion

This week, Ryan and guest Matt discuss some of the new products that have been announced and will be introduced at this years SHOT Show!

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Week in Review:

Ryan -

  • Wrote an article over at the Firearms Insider about the new Remington R51 and where it came from. Here is the link for the article, be sure to go check it out along with all the other great content over at the Firearms Insider!
  • Been pretty busy with show stuff and preparing to help out the guys who are in Las Vegas this coming week for SHOT Show 2014! Jake and the rest of the team have a really good game plan for covering as much as absolutely possible while out there.  Each team of two has a high definition video camera to capture as much video of the new products that are going to be introduced.  Please visit www.shotshow2014.com for all the coverage by the Firearms Radio Network!
  • A friend of mine got a deal on a shrouded hammer .38 Special revolver. A close friend had the firearm and just wanted to get rid of it, as they weren’t really a gun person.  They let it go for $50.  It is a Taurus 851 with an alloy frame and a titanium cylinder. It has a shrouded hammer, which I don’t particularly care for, but otherwise looks to be a great little .38, especially for $50. It’s his first gun, so welcome to the world of being a gun owner Jeffery.
  • Matt
  • Finishing up work on my buddies 686, getting it ready for idpa/icore this year
  •           working with the 686 competitor just got
  •            working on my vcomp, fitting the new ti cyl

Main Topic: SHOT Show 2014 Preview & Discussion

This week we are just going to discuss some of the items we have seen announced for this years SHOT Show.  As we said before, Firearms Radio Network will have a lot of people on the ground for SHOT this year, getting as much footage and info as possible for you! Please visit the www.shotshow2014.com link for all the coverage!

We will just discuss these picks:

- All new S&W Revolvers!

- S&W Laser-less Bodyguard .380 ACP

- Ruger GP-100 Match Champion

- Magnum Research 1911U Sub-Compact

- Walther PPQ M1 (Limited?) & M2

- Remington R51 9mm

- Glock 42 .380 ACP

-Springfield Range Officer 1911 in 9mm

- Ruger LCRx Exposed Hammer

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Until next week, have fun and SAFE SHOOTING!!!