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Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.


This week, we discuss listener emails!

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Main Topic

Listener Graham:

Subject: poop and carry

Message: Hi folks.

I am right handed and appendix carry to the left of my belt buckle. If the deed must be done in public the procedure is as follows:

Enter stall

About face and secure facility.

Undo buckle and lower belt before the hip.

Refasten the buckle.

Apply slight outward pressure while lowering pants and underwear to just above knee.

Sit down.



Reverse procedure.

The firearm remains out of sight and secure as long as there is a slight outward pressure on the belt from your knees.

On a side note: where do you guys keep your wallet and knife? My wallet is in my left front pocket and my fixed blade knife if behind the belt at 6 o'clock, folder and cell phone in right front pocket.


Listener Doug:


I have a hypothesis about your shotgun failing to fire 3" shells.  

Perhaps the chambers are a little short, and/or the shells are a little

long, just enough that the shells aren't headspacing on the rim, they

are headspacing on the front of the shell.  That could cushion the blow

of the firing pin, and cause a failure to fire.  If you are willing to

sacrifice a shell for science, cut off an inch or so of a shell, empty

out the contents, and try firing the primed shortened hull.


(Another possibility is that whatever it says on the barrels, your

shotgun is chambered for 2 3/4" shells.)

Listener Tate:

After I did my submission for "Miami vice loadout" I character had a shoulder holster. Now I'm dreaming about shoulder holsters. If I remember right you carry one correct? I'm wanting to get one, I'm thinking that I really want a leather harness but with a kydex holster. Any recommendations on where to look?


Episode for Daniel: Guns of Sears!

’m road-tripping from Richmond-by-God Virginia to NYC this summer for a Yankee’s game. Now, that means I’m traveling through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and of course, into New York State, and I typically like to at least have my subcompact 9mm with me, on the road.

I know none of these states honors my Virginia concealed carry permit (at least I don’t think they do), so how can I legally transport a pistol? If I can’t legally conceal, does that mean it has to be visible? Or, is that worse? Does it have to be unloaded, locked in a container, and in my trunk (which sort of defeats the purpose)?

Or, like transporting 400 cases of Coors from Texarkana to Atlanta, can it simply not be done, while staying on the right side of the local constabulary?


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