Handgun Radio 235 - The Miami Vice Loadout Episode!

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This week, we discuss the Miami Vice Loadout Episode!!!

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-Although i do want to talk about the light strikes on the shotgun

Main Topic: Miami Vice Loadout!

Thank you to all the entries! We had a huge amount of participation and we really appreciate it!!!

  1. TJ G.:

I'm thinking

- BHP in a summer special style AIWB

- S&W Model 40 (cause steel seems appropriate) on the ankle

- 4x4 ranger (for any offroad/beach chases) with an SP1 and a cut down Wingmaster behind the seat

Clothes would probably be more Magnum-style with the Hawaiian shirt and khakis.

2.) Dustin:

Hear is my 1980' load out. My primary handguns would be a pair of AMT Hardballers in .44.  I'd carry them in a dual Miami Classic shoulder rig. My backup would be a 9mm ASP, complete with clear grip panels, carried S.O.B.  My rifle would be a Ruger Mini 30 with a folding stock. For a shotgun I think it would be a Franchi SPAS-12, again with a folding stock.

My clothes would mimic the style of the day. Light pants, a t-shirt with a sport coat. Shoes with no socks too. My ride would be a mid 80's Vantage V8, red of course.


I’m sure I will have at least a couple of entries for this one :-)

Detonics Combat Master IWB Milt Sparks summer special

Colt Commander - worked over by Wayne Novak. Threaded barrel, Reliability package & sight upgrades. Plus suppressor of course

(Galco Miami classic shoulder rig )

Ingram MAC-10 suppressed

Mossberg 590 - 24” barrel w/ rifle sights  - extended tube mag. - with buckshot and slugs. Slugs allow me to engage targets out to 125 yards fairly easily

I’ve also added a Knife - any sheath blade from Jimmy Lile

Car - Buick Grand National GNX

Clothes - nice pants (khakis)  , loafers - no socks , t shirt and blazer. Topped off with a fedora

OR All-out, rich as can be entry:


Beretta 93r


ASP 9mm semi auto

M16 / M203

I’ll exchange the shotgun in this load out for a MP5 with suppressor

Car AMG Hammer (euro spec import) with upgrades for run flat tires ballistic panels and glass

4.) David:

Here is my Miami Vice era loadout.

Let me hit the easy parts first.

Clothes - Chino slacks and belt, t-shirt or tank top (probably with a stupid saying) and a silk floral shirt over top. The floral shirt covers a double shoulder holster.

Car - a 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z, Metal flake red paint. I would have a carrier in the hatchback to hold the rifle and shotgun.

Guns -

Under my left arm would ride my main handgun, a Colt Delta Elite in 10mm (the best mm)

Under my right would be my reload/backup piece, an Astra Terminator in .44 Mag

Rifle is where it gets fun as it would be a full auto M16 from before the Hughes Amendment travesty.

I am pretty plain when it comes to shotguns. I'm sure you will get lots of Franchi SPAS-12 mentions, but I would just have a Remington 870 with a cut down barrel.

As an aside, I would have a paper-clipped MAC-10 stashed under the seat of the panty peala in case I needed to administer a large dose of lead in a hurry

5.) Ian from Mainely Firearms in Minot, ME!

Attire.  Light gray 3 piece suit with parachute pants.   Pastel shirt and Pastel tie.

Primary.  CZ 75. Shoulder Holster.

Back up.  Colt .38 detective 2”.

Rifle.   Savage 99C .308.  Scoped. ( this is the model with the detachable mag). I actually have 2 of these in my collection.

Shotgun.  870. Police

An I would drive a 1970 Barracuda.  Mopar Green. 440 4-speed.

6.) Doug:

My Miami Vice loadout:

HK P7M8: good power and concealability. Plus, when the bad guy tries to

shoot me with my own gun, he won't know how, which will give me time to

reach for my backup:

Seecamp LWS-32, tremendous concealability in a cartridge greater than

.25 ACP.

I actually own both of these pistols, and wouldn't hesitate to carry them.

Clothing: I'd go for the Armani jacket/Raybans/pastel T-shirt look.

Car: A blue Ferarri Testarossa, which supposedly had a fairly large

trunk for a sports car, which would come in handy for storing my:

Rifle/Shotgun: Sonny Crockett was supposed to be an army vet. I'm not,

but for the purposes of this list, we'll say I am, so I will feel most

comfortable with an M16/M203 combination, with mostly buckshot loads for

the 203, with a couple of rounds of HE when the script calls for some


Side note: At the time, my cousin was a gunsmith for Sig, and if I recall the story correctly, he did the blank-fire conversion of the P220

that Crockett used in the pilot.



As a fan of the original Miami Vice (in the 1980s, it seems really campy now) I am excited by this question.  My 1980's loadout is as follows:

Primary Handgun- Beretta 92SB Compact 9x19mm

Backup Handgun- S&W Model 38 Airweight Bodyguard .38 Special

Shotgun- Ithaca Stakeout Pistol Grip 12 Gauge

"Rifle"- Full-Size Uzi SMG 9x19mm (we are assuming I have a tax stamp)

Clothes- Full Magnum PI, Hawaiian Shirts and blue jeans

Car- Chevrolet Camaro IROC Z 5.7 liter V-8, and of course T-Tops, either Black or Bright Red

8.)Listener T:

Spirit of the discussion.. 1989 or earlier:

Car - I’d have 3, because I can.

  1. Lexus LS400 grey/grey, Low profile smooth Operator. Perfect low vis car. Flawless to drive, invisible as a grey Honda Accord. 1 million mile car... no kidding.

  2. Porsche 959. Yellow/Black. Probably the finest performance car of its era.

  3. Benz G-Wagon: silver/black. iconic and capable off-roader


Concealed (deep cover shorts & t-shirt, beach)

  1. Colt Agent (post 73 w/ shrouded barrel), coated with Birdsong’s Black-T to fight corrosion. Likely utilize a fanny pack as this was all the fashion.

Going to work / daily grind

  1. HK P7M13. Phenomenally accurate pistol, super fast to employ once you learn the manual of arms. Carried in pancake holder designed for P7s (needs reinforcing due to weight of gun in grip. Likely Mich Rosen rig)

  2. Backup: Previously mentioned Colt Agent, pocket or ankle holster

Showing off / BBQ arsenal:

  1. Manurhin MR73 4”. Legendary 357 of the French GIGN. Allegedly impossible to wear out.

Long arms:

  1. Car rifle: HKG3K w/ A3 collapsing stock. Aimpoint Mk3

  2. Patrolling rifle: Colt 6720 w/ Aimpoint 3000.

  3. Shotgun: Benelli M1 Super 90.

I would also have a Walther P88 in each car... cuz I’m Sonny Crockett.

Wear - strait out of the 80s in Miami... linen suits, etc.


For clothing, assuming I didn't need to wear a suit, I would be wearing white sneakers, blue jeans, a T-shirt, and a blue on blue two-tone wind breaker.

Assuming that it's in one of the later seasons, I would most probably be carrying a Beretta 92 in a shoulder holster (no shock there).  As a back up gun, I'd carry a little PPK in .380, and I'd have a Spyderco C01 Worker riding in my front right pocket.

For when I needed more firepower, I'd reach for either an HK G3 or a Remington 870 12ga.

While I'd prefer driving a Corvette, I'll often be driving the family grocery getter: an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon.  (FAMILY TRUCKSTER FROM NATIONAL LAMPOONS)

10.) Brian:

Below is my response to your question about what would be my load out if I were a character on the Miami Vice.  Looking forward to the show and seeing what everyone choose.


        If I was a character on Miami Vice I’d go with the role of a detective, but not the flashy undercover vice type like Crockett and Tubbs.  Even though Miami Vice was one of my favorite shows as a kid I was never a fan of the pastel, Versace style of Crockett and Tubbs. I know they were undercover vice cops so they had to blend in with the extravagant style of the bad guns.  Personally, I would favor a more straight laced, understated look similar to that of Crockett and Tubbs’s boss Lt Castillo played by Edward James Olmos. So my suits and style would reflect Castillo’s style rather than that of either Crockett or Tubbs.  So basically, a dark suit, white or light-colored shirt and solid color tie. Nothing flashy, but practical and the opposite of what Miami Vice was known for. If I had to accessorize I would toss in a Panama hat and a classic pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers sunglasses.

Primary Handgun:

        For a primary handgun I’d go with the Sig P226.  15 rounds of 9mm back in the 80s would be a pretty compelling setup.  The P226 would be on the large size for a detective but I think that the P228 and P229 come out after Miami Vice’s original dates.  I’d switch the P229 when they became available. Give it a good trigger jobs for a smooth DA pull and crisp SA and it would be good to go.  For extra cool points you’d have to go for a shoulder holster for carry

Backup gun:

        For a backgun, I’d go with the tried and true choice of a S&W Model 42 Centennial in 38 Special.  Just make sure it had a good smooth double action trigger.


If I needed a rifle I’d chose the CAR-15 XM177/CAR-15 Commando.  While I’m not a big fan of the AR platform (sacrilege, right?), it’s probably best the best choice for a patrol rifle back in the ’80.  Its light weight and compact size would be good for deploying from a car.


        Like the backup gun I’d keep the shotgun to a simple, tried and true formula.  I’d select the Ithaca Model 37, in 12 gauge. The main reason I’m choosing the Ithaca vs either a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 is the Ithaca has bottom ejection vs the side ejection of the Remington and Mossberg which is a plus for us southpaws.  I’d also go with the extended magazine and normal stocked version, none of this silly pistol grip, short barrel stuff.


        While cars played an important part in the series, I’d again sort of buck the trend and go with something more understated than the plethora of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, BMWs, Porsches, etc seen on the show.

        I’d want something that would blend in more, be comfortable to sit in all day and still have the performance to chase down any of the above makes when the need arose.  The best car would have to be the 1987 Buick Grand National GNX. This was of the best 80’s sleeper performance car. A turbo charged V-6 with enough horsepower and torque all wrapped in an unassuming Buick body.  

Perfect for cursing around all day for comfortably and covertly watching bad guys with space to carry all an 80's detective needed plus the performance to chase down and scum bags in their high dollar exotics cars.

Finally you guys are wrong about the Ruger Super Redhawk.  Seriously you’re going to call the Super Redhawk ugly? You want to talk ugly revolvers, let’s talk about the Chiappa Rhino, the various Mateba’s, the Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver, or basically any Webley revolver.  Those are ugly! The Super Redhawk may not be the prettiest gal at the dance, but there are worse for sure.


11.) John at AimHi Family Firearms Center in New Albany, Ohio

My Miami vice load out has to start with the handguns. My primary Handgun would be a nickel platted browning hi-power in a black leather shoulder rig with 2 spare 13 round mags. My back up would be a nickel smith & Wesson model 36 no dash in and ankle holster. The back up to the back would be a beretta jetfire in a pocket holster. My patrol rifle would be a ruger mini 14 with folding stock and the shotgun would be either a Winchester 1200 or 1300 with extended mag tube. My dress would be a white t-shirt with jean shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I would be wearing acid washed jeans with a ostrich leather belt. On my feet would be all white new balance tennis shoes. My car would be a Pontiac fiero with body kit to make it look like a Ferrari.

I really enjoy the show especially these load-outs. The episodes make a good listen on long car rides!

One of your episodes inspired me so much that I made a YouTube video for work about it. https://youtu.be/tKy1UBlnOyE Hope you enjoy! Thanks for putting out great content!


12.) Rusty:

My load out would be what actually did carry in the 70's as a LEO. A 4" Nickle M57 S&W .41 Mag, a S&W M37 Bug, and when you know things are going south a Remington 870 20" barrel with bead front sight. Everyday wear back then was grey sports jacket, with Van Husein shirt, and blue jeans.



I grew up in the Miami/Metro-Dade area in the 1980's when they were filming the show. Watching it recently it was like a trip back to the urban area of my childhood.

I recognize a lot of the places that they filmed, like the rundown South Beach with the decaying hotels that now are super expensive/exclusive.


  I'm going full "Detective Stanley "Stan" Switek"  Hawaiian shirts and everything. :D


Hollywood: Nickel Browning Hi-Power

Real World: Smith & Wesson 669

Backup Handgun

  Hollywood: Devel Full House S&W 59 Conversion

  Real World: Smith & Wesson 669  or Smith & Wesson Model 60


  Hollywood:Steyr AUG or  M60 machine gun

  Real World:XM177 (CAR-15)


  Hollywood: Remington 870   

  Real World: Remington 870  (Because this is what Metro-Dade had. )


FIM-92 Stinger  - Because who doesn't want to blowup a car. :D


  Hollywood: 1979 Dodge Tradesman

  Real World: Probably a mid-80's Chevrolet Caprice or the Caprice Station Wagon only if I get to be a tail-gunner with the M60. :D



14.) Tate:

I believe I have decided on my Miami vice load out (have to admit I've never watched it).

My guy is an early adopter of all things. He has a taste for the new and different. Also has a habit of going out of his way to find things not normally accessible to the average person. However his flamboyant tastes are counteracted by his rather subtle personally. He tends to keep to himself and only uses his firearms when absolutely necessary.

He can almost always be found wearing a casual grey suit and cowboy boots, carrying two HK VP70M's in a red double leather shoulder holster. An HK P7M8 in a nickel finish and wood grips occupied his front right pant packet at all times.

Being an avid car lover he drove a Ford Mustang King Cobra sporting a heavy modified 5.0 liter motor. In the back seat you would find a very rare Pancor Jackhammer, the hardest to acquire firearm in his collection. Also in the back seat are the two shoulder stocks with selector switches for his two VP70M's. In the passenger side of is King Cobra you will find his FAMAS rifle wedged between the passenger seat and the center console. In his trunk lays a Walther WA2000. Very rarely used in any sort of professional manners, it is one of his favorite firearms he has aquired. Often found at a range stretching it's legs out past 500 meters.

With his taste for new and different things he is constantly switching up what he uses. Changing to just a new and updated model or even changing platforms completely.


Little bit of a book but I really enjoyed putting this together. BTW he's a neat bourbon drinker weerd.


15.) Chuck:

Miami Vice Loadout

Handgun: 10mm nickel-plated Colt Delta Elite in shoulder holster with 2 mags on opposing side

Rifle: Steyr AUG

Shotgun: Witness Protection

Backup Handgun:  9mm Colt Commander (pre 1970) in pancake holster small of back

Suits/Style: Khaki seersucker suit, Canvas Sebagos, "natural" linen button down shirt

Car: Buick Grand National with 2 guns hidden: one under seat cushion and one in door panel, to plant in case of bad shoots: Raven 25 and RS 39



-Browning Hi Power with Federal 9BP Standard Pressure load. Carried at 3 oclock, Milt Sparks Summer Special.

-S&W J-frame, 638 loaded with hot .38 +P, carried crossdraw.

-Ithaca Model 37 Shorty

-Shortened “Tanker” M-14 7.62x51

-Tailored suit, gray, with dark blue shirt and black tie.

-Car: Red 1985 Lotus Esprit, 5 speed manual V-8 (just to satisfy the James Bond factor)



Serious:  Colt Commander 1911 in a Galco Shoulder Holster

S&W M42 Pocket Carry

Mossberg 500 Riot Gun


Drive 1986 Ford Ranger

Flannel Shirt with Jeans and LL Bean Boots


For Show:

S&W Model 59

Detonics Pocket 9

Portuguese AR-10

Hi-Standard 10B Shotgun

Drive 1972 Mustang Mach 1


Winner 1.) Ian from Mainely Firearms

Winner 2.) Chuck


Winner 3.) Listener T


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