Handgun Radio 227 - Auctions, Belt Revolvers & .30 Luger!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week we talk auctions, belt revolvers & .30 Luger!


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Week in Review:

Ryan: Still sick….all week.

-Went to gunshow...saw a nice old PPC gun, met some of the folks from Poulins Auctions who bought the old James D Julia building so firearms auctions are continuing to happen up here!


SOLD FOR $763.75 https://auctionimages.s3.amazonaws.com/23431/144791/140496767.jpg

SOLD FOR $567 https://auctionimages.s3.amazonaws.com/23431/144791/140680892.jpg

SOLD FOR $1052 https://auctionimages.s3.amazonaws.com/23431/144791/141222104.jpg

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Main Topic: Listener Questions Discussion

Justin Opinion Blames Weerd Beard

Ian's Stechkin Video


Hey fellas,



Been a listener for a while now and I have a question. What do you guys think would be best for carry. I’m thinking of buying a revolver for my everyday carry. I think I just prefer one over autos. Just because of the reliability, history and cool factor. But the 3 guns I’m choosing are either the Ruger sp101 3” or 4”, the kimber k6s or the colt cobra.

Here are my theories for these revolvers.

The Ruger (which I’m leaning more to) because it has 357 capability,it has a hammer for longer range shots, longer barrel length options and it can be customized as well as had more aftermarket parts availavle(holsters, wood panels, sights)

The kimber because if it’s trigger hands down,357 capability and is 6shot. I know it’s coming out with a 3” but it may be hard to obtain.

Cobra because 6shot, hammer and trigger.

I will note that I now pocket carry the lcr. I just now want something a little bigger that is more potent and I can carry on my hip rather than pocket.

Let me know what you guys think.


P.S. Have to add the king cobra 3” 357 now too


A little late, I know, but here goes:

Handgun: 1900 Swiss Luger (that's almost cheating, but not quite), in

.30 Luger.  I actually own a low three digit serial Swiss 1900 Luger,

and it is a great gun-- accurate, powerful (~400 FPE) and quick to

reload.  One could make a pretty good case that in 1900, it was the best

pistol in the world.  If the FMJ bullet hits bone, the target is going

down, so I would aim for the pelvis.  My 1900 self would also experiment

with filing down the nose of the bullets a tad for make-shift

softpoints.  As a backup, a Webley Mk1 in .455 with owls-head grips.

Rifle: 1896 Swedish Mauser.  I own one of those too, and when my eyes

were younger, my 5 round groups averaged just a hair over an inch at 100


Shotgun: if money was no object, I would pick a Holland & Holland

Paradox in 12 gauge-- it's a first-rate shotgun *and* a very good

rifle.  I'd load one barrel with buck, and one with a solid, and any

enemy within ~200 yards would be in serious trouble.

Knife: Arkansas toothpick on the belt, and a Sgian-Dubh tucked into the


Clothes?  I think I'd go for the Bat Masterson look.  Including a good

stout cane, which would be very handy, especially in towns that didn't

permit firearms to be openly carried.

BTW, CCI still loads .22 WRF, and I think Winchester does a run every

few years.



SG Ammo

Listener Brett:

Listening to the loud out 1890s podcast - I would love to see other “load out” shows for different eras - gangster era
WW1 , WW2 , Vietnam


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