Handgun Radio 221 - Modern Metal


Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week we talk old & new metal!

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Week in Review:


Ryan: -Ripcord Speedloader

-Lucky Gunner Lounge Pocket Pistol Project


Listener T:

Canik TP9SF now Massachusetts legal. Thoughts and opinions? Sootch did a review and MAC put it through the gauntlet. And Noir did a first rounds video. Thank you.

Listener L on the Taurus Spectrum:

Thanks Weerd for reading my email on the last show.

Here's my little video on that Spectrum. Not a review per se. Now over 320

rounds with no FTE's and FTF's. Guys, I understand the fears on quality

control on Tauruses. That's pretty much related to guns made in Brazil,

meeting high demands of the market. I've suffered that too trying to get

accessories and parts. I had to wait 3 months once for a magazine for my

24/7 pro. That is ridiculous. All of that because the mag would come from

Brazil. The Spectrum is an all "made in america gun". I have a S&W

Bodyguard 380, a Ruger LCP II, a Kahr CW 380. The only I really don't care

much is the S&W. The grip kinda hurt the web of my hand. Love the Kahr and

the LCP II. But I noticed my follow up  shots with the Spectrum a little

more faster, because it doesn't snap. I mean, it's just a push. You might

find the trigger a little on the heavy side, but after 100 rounds it did

get better, or I just got used to it. The Trigger on the LCP II kinda

scares me. The pre 95% cocked hammer is an accident waiting to happen. The

first LCP was pretty much a half way cocked hammer version (keltec

inspired). So, no need to be afraid of the Spectrum. Mr. Enabler (Weerd)

you got me into a PM45 and is almost getting me into a LCR in 357. Please

be kind with me, because I have two reasons to make a move. I have my

birthday this month and Christmas coming in next.

Love your show guys.

Drink Segment:    I’m having a Corpse Reviver number 2

This drink calls for Gin, Triple Sec,  Lillet Blanc and Lemon juice all in equal proportions,  and an absinthe wash.

But mine I made it with gin, Grand Marnier, Lillet Blanc, and Pernod.

Gran marnier is very similar to Triple Sec, and pretty darn close to Cointreau,  as well as Curacao. So if you see a cocktail with any one of those you can do a simple substitution for what you have in your cabinet.  There might be some subtle differences, but you’ll be close enough to know if you like the drink or not.

Absinthe is an Anise Liquor,  and that flavor is SO strong that really all the anise liquors and Liqureurs taste pretty much the same,  so when you don’t want to buy that expensive bottle of Absithe, you could use Penod, Ouzo, or Sambuca.

There are a few others,  that might be a bit more risky,  like Jagermeister or Campari for other Amaro style liqueurs,  but that must be done with caution, tho these drinks all have a similer bitter-sweet quality that while those substitutions might not re-create the cocktail,  it might behave similar enough to get a different, but delicious drink.

Main Topic: Modern Metal

Legacy Metal:



-Beretta 92

-Stoeger Couger

-Ruger Mk4 https://www.ruger.com/products/markIVStandard/models.html

-Walther PPK

-Sig P-2 Series

Newer Metal:

-Kahr K-Series

-Grand Power

-Husdon H9

-Boberg/  Bond Arms Bullpup


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