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Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, we discuss firearm accessories that can be used in other ways as well as Savage1r’s .22 Sterling!


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Week in Review:  

Ryan: Moment of Silence for Drew

  • Listener Brian:

  • Love your podcast. Would you please address the following thought on your podcast?

  • Do you think the idea of the left focusing on the "gun violence" rather than the criminals who commit a crime while using a gun is an attempt to avoid the uncomfortable idea of personal responsibility by people who are likely their constituents/potential constituents?

Listener Kirk:

  • My dream gun would be an updated gyrojet pistol. Lots of advantages there. Fewer moving Parts such as no reciprocating slide. Light, gentle recoil, Etc. Update the ammunition for it. Maybe use something like a magnum pistol primer or 22 nail gun blank for ignition.

  • I was an early adopter for the R51. The most frustrating part about that was how tight-lipped Remington was about it all. On the plus side, I got a pretty decent 1911 out of the deal. I bought a generation 2 and am happy with it. It does have a few quirks, particularly for the reloader. However, it is a fun gun and runs reliably when you find the ammunition that it likes.

Listener Robert:

my fantasy handgun doesn't require much.

I love 1911's, but would like a few additional features:

double-stack w/15 round capacity,

de-cocking lever,

loaded chamber indicator,

ambidextrous safety,

steel or aluminum frame.

I understand that the FNX-.45 has all these features, except that it has a polymer frame.

The Sig Sauer 227 has a steel frame, but I see no mention of the other features.

I have fired a Para Ordnance P14-45, and I loved it except for the fact that it's rather jam-tastic. 

I'm not a Glock fan since I heard they don't have safeties, and compensate with a very heavy trigger-pull.  I find that hard to believe, but have no interest if that is the case.

So, what is the deal with polymer frames?  Why do some people like them so much?  I'm guessing they're lighter and more corrosion resistant?  How would they do if I soaked them in Hoppe's #9 for 24 hours?  Any thoughts on double-stacked 1911's, including STI, H&K, Walther PPQ 45?  I'm sure Weerd must have something to say…

SAR Arms K2?


I've been forgetting to send in my handgun submission, so here goes:

Basically, I want larger Glock 42 and 43s. The specs for each would be the same.

- Available in 3.5", 4", and 4.5"

- have corresponding grip lengths for each barrel length, or better yet, a modular system like the Sig 320.

- Better than stick trigger. Something in the 4.5# range with a smoother pull.

- better sights out of the box. My preference is fiber optic front, black serrated rear with manipulation ledge.

- Forward slide serrations, cause why not. If you don't like them, don't use them.

- Magazines: ETS makes mags for the 42/43 that increases the capacity by 1 and are still flush. They also make 9 and 12 round variants that would correspond to the longer grips. These would be the base for the mags.

- Now the big part. Calibers: 9 and 380, obviously, but I would also like to see them in 32 ACP and 22lr.

My thinking for the sizes and calibers is this:

We need more "combat" sized sub calibers to introduce more shooters with. The single stack nature of these would allow better trigger reach for smaller handed shooters while still keeping pretty decent capacity. The sub calibers are great for more recoil averse shooters and will help instill confidence rather than fear.

Example: My wife basically refuses to shoot any handgun that recoils more than my heavy steel CZ in 9 mak, and a friend I introduced to shooting wouldn't shoot anything but a steel MKII. I even introduced her to the CZ that my wife loves and she wasn't having it. A 22 or a locked breach 32 would've been perfect in that instance.

Rob Pincus is onto something with the Avidity Arms, but only having 10 rounds in a full size gun seems a little silly by comparison.

SavageAF: Apparently my moniker got rebranded - WLS business cards. Lots of grading. Fixed my Sterling 302 .22lr. Fixed my broke ass 9mm AR.

Weerd: Didn’t get out to the range (I need to fix this ASAP)   and got skunked on trying to fix my bug-a-salt.    Seems they mounted the screws in deep recesses so all the screwdrivers I own either are too small for the heads or are two wide to reach them.

Drink Segment: Harvey Fucking Wallbanger:

Listener Craig asked if I had a variation on the Harvey WallBanger.

No I don’t.    This is a drink that was a favorite of my mother back before I was born, and it is essentially a Screwdriver with Galliano added to it.    A Screwdriver being a shot of vodka in a glass of Orange Juice,  and Galliano is an Italian herbal Liqueur that is described as having strong notes of Anise and Vanilla.

I’ve never had one, because I generally dislike any drink with orange juice.   I really don’t much like Orange juice as a soft drink (tho I love oranges),  but also I find Orange juice in any drink (even in small amounts like the Bronx or the Blood and Sand) just overpowers all the other ingredients.

That being said when researching this I read about the Yellow Bird Cocktail


Which is Rum Triple Sec, Lime and Galliano, I kinda want a bottle now.

One last neat fact about Galliano is that it is often in drinks with the word “Wall” in the name,  as the tall bottle is often placed at the very back of the bar rack.    So a Sloe Comfortable Screw Against the Wall  contains Sloe Gin,  Vodka and Orange Juice (screwdriver), Southern Comfort, and Galliano

Main Topic: Handgun accessories or handguns that are good for things they weren’t designed for?  

Sig Brace

Suppressor Sights

Makarov Bottle Opener: https://youtu.be/YvJ7Fci4QHE

Glock 22 as an anti-personnel mine

The empty pocket in the glock magwell - stock adapter, mount for magwell extensions


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