Handgun Radio 168 - Listener Email Discussion!

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, Weerd and I discuss some new revolver ammo, and respond to some listener email!!!!

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Drink Segment: Cobbler Shaker:   So unpacking after the NRA show, the cap to my cobbler shaker I brought with me was missing.   They aren’t much good without a cap as you would be wearing your drink when you shake it.   So I ordered a new one on Amazon:


This one is a decent price, and works great.    I prefer a cobbler shaker as you don’t need a separate strainer, also you can keep your finger over the cap when shaking so there is little risk of a spill.    The downside is you really shouldn’t be filling the shaker body completely full as there isn’t a whole empty cup like a boston shaker that uses a pint glass and a steel cup to give air space for the shake.    Still if you’re making just a few drinks at most this isn’t a problem.  Also the metal-to-metal contacts can freeze,  but this can be fixed with a quick rinse under hot water.

Main Topic: Listener Email Discussion

Federal HST .38 Special


Name: Byron

Subject: .40 Kahr

Message: I found a K40 Kahr handgun and was wondering if you knew how the K series compares with the Kahr handguns you and Weerd have - also wondering if I got it could I change out the barrels and make a .357 Sig out of it? Thanks for any input you could give me and love the show!

Listener Anthony:

Does bullet weight effect recoil significantly?

Talking 115 vs 147 in 9mm

200 vs 230 in 45acp?

Came to you guys first because you guys are just that awesome! Have a great day and thanks in advance!

Name: Kaleb Kidd

Message: I am looking to purchase a 9mm 1911 for mainly range use and possibly a Carry gun in formal settings, but definitely not a edc. Assuming a $1,000 budget, would the host suggest going with something in the entry level Kimber line or the Springfield Armory Range Officer, or is there another brand or line I should consider. I want to keep it pretty standard because I would like to upgrade sights, grips, and possible other parts down the road?

Thanks again for the great show! 

From Handgun Radio Facebook Page:

Listener Todd:

Good Morning from the sunny south!  I've got a question for you. Have you boys had any experience it a Rock Island Armory M206? I'm thing of getting on as a BUG. Thoughts?


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