Handgun Radio 163 - The Listener Email Show!

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This week, Weerd & I respond to some listener emails!!!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: Didn’t do to much in firearms, but finished my review of the RPS Tactical holster for my Steyr C9A1. It is a fantastic holster.

Weerd: I got thinking.   How hard would it be to swap the barrel on a hi-point?    Wouldn’t a Hi-point .40 converted to .357 SIG be the most hipster gun on the planet?

Drink Segment: Tonight I’m drinking the Bronx Cocktail.

Since this is an older drink, there are lots of variations,  but I settled on 2 parts gin, and one part of each sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, and orange juice.

I generally don’t like mixing with orange juice as it has a much milder flavor than say lemon, lime, or grapefruit.    That being said it has a very mellow flavor that others might love.

Now here’s the fun part,   since I have my flight glasses, and I was concerned with how much I’d like this, I instead made 3 small Bronx variations.    One with Orange Juice, one with Lime, one with Grapefruit.      I think the grapefruit is my favorite.

Also there is a cocktail named after all 5 boroughs of New York City, tho the Manhattan is really the only one that is still popular.

Main Topic:

Message: In reference to podcast 155 and the discussion of the decision to develop the .45ACP... that's only half the story.

The truth is that the U.S. didn't want to change the gun. The Philippine Insurrection of 1899 did, in fact, see repeated failures of the standard solid lead .38LC to affect stops on the Morro tribesmen. But the U.S. thought that it was more efficient, less expensive, and just a better idea to change the ammunition. We wanted to stop issuing solid nose .38 bullets and change them to more effective expanding point bullets. Remember, we've known since the Mine Ball's of the Civil War that bullets which expand and deform cause more damage. Hunting periodicals of the 1890's recognized this and expanding point bullet patents clearly show the progress of technology.

But something else happened in 1899 as well. Something political. The Hague Convention of 1899. The British were making use of expanding point ammunition, pioneered for them in their ammunition plant in DumDum India. The Brits were having trouble with their small caliber rifles passing through Dervishes and African Tribesmen without stopping. However, at the time, the Germans and the French were political adversaries in the equivalent of the late 19th Century cold war. The French and the Germans used propaganda to vilify the British for using expanding point "Dum Dum" ammunition as inhumane hunting bullets, in contravention with the gentlemanly conventions of modern war.

As you recall, the Hague Convention of 1899 eventually banned the use of expanding point ammunition in war, with the only two dissenting votes being the U.S. and Britain.

Because the original plan of using more effective expanding point ammunition was now no longer possible, the U.S. was stuck. Issuing slightly redesigned ammunition in the same cartridge is cheap. Designing, implementing, and issuing a new handgun with an entirely new ammunition is expensive. But, because the French were a-scared exploding bullets of death... well, hello Mr. Browning. :D

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Hey Ryan , I enjoy listening to you and Weerd !! I have a new job that requires me to wear a company shirt tucked in and no outer garment. I wear jeans with it. I want to carry at work but am on the road visiting customers and can not print or even have holster belt clips showing. What are your suggestions on what I should carry. I am getting in and out of a car all day long


(I recommended a NAA Mini in .22 Magnum)

Hey Ryan, I had thought of a mini, but decided to get a Kahr CW380. Just not sure how to carry it. Have to wear a tucked shirt with no cover garment. Maybe a thin type pocket holster or I was even thinking of a shoulder holster. What are your thoughts about a holster? I have to wear jeans. I wish I could wear  my loose fitting Carhartts.


About 12 years ago, when I bought my first handgun, I got sucked into the .40 S&W. Recently I've come to realize this wasn't the best decision. I have chronic wrist pain from years of being a drummer and the .40 really kills my wrist. So my question is, what is the best way to switch from "a .40 guy" to shooting 9mm. Keep in mind, I have 5-6 handguns in .40 S&W and several thousand rounds. Thanks for all you do!

Brian from Arkansas


Just listened to episode 160, great show! Although I've had the "invincible bad guy" dream that Weird described, the worst that I have had is being unable to pull the trigger when needed. I carry a J frame a lot and that did worry me with such a long trigger pull...so much so that I started carrying Glocks for that reason! Yes gun superstitions are very real!

Timothy I'm glad y'all talked about dreams! Several times I've had the dream where the ax murderer is coming at me, and no mater how hard I squeeze the trigger, it never moves. I don't own a blue gun, so I don't know where that's coming from, but you don't feel good about it when you wake up!

Logan The dream I constantly have is when I go to shoot they are all squibs and the bullets barely fall out of the barrel. No matter how many mag changes, they are all squibs. I have only shot 1 squib in my life, so I'm not sure where this is coming from.



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