Handgun Radio 162 - Custom Pistolsmithing with KGB Customs

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This week, Weerd and I chat with Karl, the owner of KGB Customs out of Ohio, about his career as a custom pistolsmith!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -Unplanned range trip yesterday! Got to take out my Steyr, Sig P226, Model 60, 19, as well as a few others. My neighbor critter brought his S&W Model 34 .22 LR, his Star Model B 9mm and one that I hadn’t ever shot, a Cimmaron replica of the 1860 Mason-Richards Army conversion. It was in .38 Special and shot great! Very accurate and a great trigger, and you don’t need to fuss with loose powder and ball! Video coming soon.

-There was a home invasion in my area recently. There was an article in the paper where the son of the elderly woman whose home was invaded came to the home after she called him. He was armed with his Ruger LCP and was ambushed as he entered the home by the intruder who hit him with what is believed to be a hammer. The son ended up shooting the man in the chest with the LCP but then got in a struggle with him over the gun until the son finally got the upper hand and the police arrived. Lots of lessons here Link to Video and Article


Drink Segment:  http://www.weerdworld.com/2017/when-mixology-takes-flight/

Main Topic: Custom Pistolsmithing with KGB Customs

I have become familiar with Karls work through the Custom Handguns group on facebook. The Custom Handguns group is the premier group to be in if you like seeing the art that some of these pistolsmiths perform. Karl has done everything from 1911’s to CZ’s and everything in between. I especially like the work he does on 1911’s and Hi-Powers.

Karl, how did you get started pistolsmithing and when did you start KGB Customs?

What are the main guns that come through your shop?

What are some of the most common modifications you perform?

What has been the most challenging firearm you’ve ever worked on and what is the most challenging modification to perform?

What are some modifications that you would advise people to avoid?

You posted recently a picture of a Colt Combat Commander in .38 Super that had been worked over by Novak. What was the story behind that? (P.S. I want to get a gun EXACTLY like that one, it looks amazing.)

What does the future look like for KGB Customs? Do you have any exciting projects coming up?

What is the best way for people to contact you and inquire about having work done?


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  • Karl! Thank you so much for coming on! Where can people find you or contact you if they want work done?

Until next week, have fun & safe shooting!!!