Handgun Radio 159 - Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver with Grant Cunningham

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad  from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, we’re joined by Grant Cunningham, Author & Instructor, to discuss his new book “Protect Yourself with your Snubnose Revolver”!

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Week in Review:

Ryan:-Snow...lots of it. 40 inches overnight last night in the town next to us..probably close to 30” here. Getting last weeks show posted with the internet holding out hopefully….


Weerd: Snow snow snow snow snow!

Also did assemble the arbor press.   To get maximum pressure It needs to be bolted down to a bench,  but with just my foot bracing it I managed to pop out the frame wedge out of my walker.    No idea if I need a new wedge or not,   been too tired to fiddle with it, and I want to be VERY deliberate, as I have no Idea how I got into this pickle.

Thanks for the Idea, Sidhartha Priest

Drink Segment: When you spent an entire day wrangling a 3 year old, and shoveling frozen snow, the drink that pairs best is quantity, not quality.

Tonight I’m drinking a martini made from 4 parts Linie Aquavit,  and Amantialldo Sherry with some blue cheese stuffed olives.

If you like your drinks a little bit sweet, you’ll HATE this!

Main Topic: Protect Yourself with Your Snubnose Revolver with Grant Cunningham

-What prompted you to write this book?

-How did you decide to divide the book up? It seems like the first half of the book is more concept based and the second half focuses on the various techniques.

-There is a chapter called “Vices and Virtues of the Snubby”. What are some of the things that you cover in that section?

-Even with all the advances in semi-auto pistol design, there are still a large number of people who carry a snubby as a primary weapon, and not in the backup gun type role. Why do you think that is?

-With a snubnose revolver, you are dealing with a very short barrel, which can affect bullet performance. What are some considerations when selecting carry ammunition for your snubby revolver?

-There is a great section called “Expecting the Unexpected: Possible, plausible, and likely” I think this is a great section for ANY book, but particularly for this one. Did you include this section for the people who say a J-Frame or other snubby just isn’t enough gun for carrying?

-If you could leave the listeners who want to carry a snubby revolver as a primary carry gun with one piece of advice, what  


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