Handgun Radio 147 - New Handgun Introductions & Listener Emails

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, Weerd and I discuss some new pistol introductions and Listener Emails

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Week in Review:

-Checked out a Steyr S40-A1 at the shop! Always a nice trigger as usual!

-Handled a new R51…..feels pretty much the same except a few improvements.

Weerd:  Well I have all 6 replacement nipples for my walker….and I have a wife with pneumonia...guess what I did this week?

Drink Segment: This is one we haven’t mentioned,  the Hemingway Daiquiri!

My version is a bit different than the one listed.

2oz of Gold Rum,  White rum just doesn’t work

0.5 Oz of Lime Juice

¾ Grapefurit juice

And this listing calls for a quarter ounce of luxardo, and a quarter ounce of simple syrup,  I just use a Half-ounce of the Luxardo because that stuff is so good.

I also add a few dashes of orange bitters, because that stuff and rum is like peanut butter and chocolate.

Garnish with a Side-by-side 12 gauge…..or maybe not….

Buffer Music:

The Jefftones playing “Come When I Call” and “You Can Call Me Al” Live at Silver Street Tavern.

Main Topic: New Handgun Introductions & Listener Emails

Remington RP 9 & 45

Walther Creed


The Saint

Listener Emails:

Listener Jim:

Love the show and think I've listened to every episode. Great guests and information, especially liked Massad Ayoob interview and the gun writes episodes. Was curious if you have ever looked at sneaky pete holsters? I really like mine just curious of your opinion? Tell Weerd he's not the youngest to carry a 1911 that's my choice for winter carry and I'm 34.

Listener James from Australia:

A big Hello to Ryan and Weerd from Australia!

I am a firearms and hunting enthusiast obviously and listening to up to date conversations on firearms issues from Americans is quite eye opening in comparison to what we have here in Australia. I don't know what your knowledge of Australian firearms laws are but I tend to hear a bit (not necessarily from FRN) that a lot of people in the US actually think we here banned guns. Quite far from the truth. Although we are heavily restricted. Maybe a quick rundown is in order. I'm in the state of NSW, and they all vary slightly, but for the most part are the same since the NFA or national firearms agreement came in after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. From what I hear, California would possibly be the closest comparison to our laws?

So anyone can get a licence if you have a clean record. You need a genuine reason, which is normally fulfilled by having joined a hunting club, target shooting club, or having permission to hunt private property, or owning rural land. We have public land hunting in the states of New South Wales and Victoria only. All guns have to be registered, even air rifles and paintball guns. Airsoft is not permitted.

Category A - Is all your air rifles (including semi auto), rim fire rifles (not semi auto) and shotguns (sxs, under over, single shot and lever action)

Category B - Is centrefire rifles (not including semi auto) and muzzle loaders.

Category A and B are the most commonly held licences

Category C - Is restricted to primary producers (farmers) and contract shooters. This is basically semi auto rimfires, and pump and semi auto shotguns up to 5 mag capacity

Category D - Is pretty much restricted to contract shooters and is pretty hard to get a hold of. This is your Semi auto centrefires and pump and auto shotties with a mag capacity of more than 5

Category H - Is for handguns, and they a fairly heavily regulated. Permits are generally only issued for sports/target shooting.

There is a category for collectors and a category R for stuff like machine guns but it's unheard of that someone has that. Suppressors are very naughty too by the way.

Email from John610:

Ryan, Weerd,

First off, thanks for Handgun Radio. I really enjoy it. I heard you guys talking on a recent episode about the S&W 610. I purchased a used 610 about a year ago. If memory serves, it's a no-dash model.

My 610 does have steps in the cylinder to headspace a 10mm round without the moon clips. Of course it does need moon clips to headspace .40 S&W properly. Here are a couple of pictures

The second photo has a .40 round in the 12:00 position and a 10mm in the 6:00 position. (For bonus points, this illustrates the difference in primer size between .40 and 10mm.)

FWIW, it's a sweet gun. It's very accurate and lots of fun to shoot. I need to un-Bubba a Bubba trigger job from a prior owner, but I did check to see if I could push it off the single-action sear, and I can't, so that's good. Thanks for the tip on that.

Thanks again for the show!


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