Handgun Radio 140 - Special Forces Pistols Roundtable

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This week, I’m joined by Weerd, Evan & Brett to discuss Special Ops/Special Forces pistols!!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: Went to the range and shot some rifles today! Had fun!

-Nathaniel had a great article about machine pistols and the way they should be, I found a few videos that were interesting with a PMR 30 full auto. Check it out!!

Weerd: Some friggin hick from Maine came to my house and wanted to play in my Armory!

I still need to find some time to shoot the Walther to see if I solved all the reliability issues.

Evan: Helped teach the Beta testing class for regular guy training, and interesting pawn shop pistol buys

Brett: last weekend I shot a 2 gun match. Reflecting on my match afterwards  I am exploring options on what to do for sights on my XDm since the front sight often obscures 4’ plates at distance. The club I have been shooting at recently places lots of 4” plates at distances of 25 yards for handgun and 4” plates at 125 yards for rifle . My finish earned me a drawing for a prize - which was a Matrix rifle kit

Weerd Drink Segment: So last week I talked about making Jalapeno vodka.   So after 3 days I chickened out and bottled the infusion.

It’s very strong, and very spicey.   I think in the future I’ll only infuse for 24 hours, and take out the seeds and ribs from the peppers where  most  of  the spice.

Still I have three drinks for it.

#1: The Jalapeno Cocktail:  Inspired by a local bar.

2oz Jalapeno Vodka  

1oz Lime Juice

0.5oz Simple Syrup

Served up in a cocktail glass

#2. The Jalapeno Julep

2oz Jalapeno Vodka

0.5 oz lime juice

0.5 oz simple syrup

Muddled mint leaves

Serve over crushed ice in a rocks glass

#3: Jalapeno and Ginger

2oz Jalapeno Vodka

3 dashes Angostura Bitters

8oz Ginger Ale

Serve in a collins glass with ice

Main Topic: Special Forces/Spec Ops Pistols Roundtable

This week, we thought it would be cool to discuss some of the pistols that are used by special forces and other specialist units around the world.

United States:

45 MEU (SOC): Essentially a custom 1911 for the Marine Force Reconnaissance Company.   Replaced by the Colt M45A1 pistol.    Great guns, but I’m sure a lot of politics were involved simply because a “NEW” 1911 doesn’t need the approval that a whole new pistol design would need.

High Standard HD .22 with integral suppressor:  Pistol that dates back to WWII for quiet shooting, still used today.

H&K Mk 23 SOCOM: Big cool .45, but I’ve never actually heard of any unit actually using them because of their massive size,  instead choosing to use other pistols.

Sig Sauer P226/228: 9mm


For my main segment topic - I selected handguns used by Navy seals. One from Modern times and one from the Vietnam era.


Modern era - Glock 17 is available for spec ops usage in “sub Aqua” configuration which allows the Glock 17 to be fired underwater. The difference between this and a standard G17 is a special 2 part firing pin retention cup which allows the striker to function under water pressure. This particalar version is often used suppressed. Glock 17/19 used by DEVGRU , MARSOC, and USAF special forces. The interwebs were lit up earlier this year when SEALS adopted the G19 over the MK25 P226. While this news may have come to light recently in the





Navy MK22 “hush puppy”  designed by Carl Hellstorm based off a M39 semi auto S&W chambered in 9mm. Bascially a longer barrel was custom fit for the gun to allow threads for a suppressor. Higher sights that enbale the shooter to get a sight picture over the suppressor . The grip frame was modified to accept a browning Hi power mag to increase the capacity to 13 rounds ( original M39 was a single stack 8 rd ).  A Slide lock was added to allow a single suppressed shot without the noise of the reciprocating slide.

The frogman would be issued a kit with the MK22 , a Mark 3 suppressor , and special 158 grain subsonic ammo loaded to 900 fps. The Mark 3 can was only 5” long and added 8 ooz of wieght. Also included in the kit was spare suppressor insert tube and rubber wipes. The original suppressors used rubber wipes that needed to be replaced after 24-36 shots. The whole package inclduing pistol , can , and a loaded mag only weighed 40ozs ( only 1 oz heavier than a M1911 )

Great Britain/United Kingdom SAS:

Browning Hi Power


GIGN (France):

Manhurin MR73 .357 Magnum

Glock 17

Arcane Pointed Tip Ammo

More Info on Arcane

Russian Spetsnaz:

Stetchkin APS

PSS Silent Pistol

Vz 61 Skorpion:

The Makarov PB with the integrated suppressor and add on suppressor



Type 67 silenced pistol


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