Handgun Radio 127 - Dream Handgun Roundtable

Hello and welcome to Handgun Radio! I’m your host Ryan Michad from the wild woods of Central Maine, and this is your home for all the news, information and discussion in the handgunning world.

This week, we discuss our dream handguns with Weerd, Daniel Watters & Jordan Bell!

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Week in Review:

Ryan: -Shot the Taurus PT22 Poly some more, it shot great!

  • Shot some single shot break action, rolling block & falling block guns in .22 LR as well!

Daniel:   Of course, I did some background research on your neighbor’s Hy Hunter single shot, which is a copy of the old Stevens No. 35 target pistol.  For more information on the original Stevens, it is worthwhile to check out Arthur Corbin Gould’s book  "The Modern American Pistol and Revolver" published in 1888.

Jordan: Cold blued that Rohm RG10 copy. Got it all shiny. Found some 22 short to go in it. The 50 round box was missing 6. Cussed about it. Still haven’t got to shoot it. Also, cleaned up and got all nice and neato an old Zebco 76 rod/reel that was grandpas. Tried not to feed my children to lions. Discovered my XJ is leaking antifreeze. Cussed about it.

Weerd:  Moved things out of the house this weekend for a renovation….did some rearranging of the Armory,  and got a bookshelf for my gun books….that the wife promptly appropriated it for herself.

Drink segment: How good a spirit to use in a cocktail.   No you are NOT wasting good spirits on a cocktail.   Note we’re NOT talking a simple highball like a whiskey and ginger or a rum and coke where your spirit is going to be very masked.   But say an old fashioned, whiskey sour, or a Manhattan, you’re mostly drinking booze with some added flavors, so good stuff will show through.

Main Topic: Dream Handgun Roundtable

Back on Gun Guy Radio, we chose to do a fun episode topic about “Dream Rifles”. It was really well received and people enjoyed hearing about what other people wanted and what they wanted. We decided to get some people together for handgun radio and do “Dream Handguns”

Here were the rules:

List your choices for a "dream handgun" below.

1.) It can't be 100% of an existing design with a slight change, i.e. "I want a Glock in .38 Super" or "A Glock with a hammer". You can use design cues from certain guns, but not the entire design.

2.) It has to be SOMEWHAT realistic. While I know it's our dream gun episode, a .50 BMG Beretta 92 just isn't going to work

The Panel:


  • Revolver the size of a Colt Detective Special, but with the Phillips & Rodgers Medusa Concept (chambering everything in the 9mm/.38 Range) with the boot grip style of a J-frame and a shrouded 638 Bodyguard style hammer.

  • Browning High-Power Slide with a shortened compact grip, Steyr-style trapezoidal sights with a polymer frame and barrel swaps from 10mm to 9x25mm Dillon.

  • Benelli B76 pistol with a polymer frame that isn’t any different sized than the steel frame with the ability to switch chamberings between 9mm and .32 S&W Long Wadcutter.

Weerd: NAA mini .32 ACP and Ruger GP100-sized LCR

-.357 Magnum Top Break.   I don’t see why we can’t do this with modern technology!  Ideally in either S&W I or J-Frame

-A Combination of the size and shape of the Remington R51 with an aluminum frame with options for a stainless.   The roller-Delayed blowback action from the CZ-52/ H&K P9S,  Inside frame rails a-la the CZ-75/ Steyr M9,  and the “Squeeze Cock” safety from the H&K P7


I wish S&W could be convinced to debug their ill-fated C-Frame Model 73. It was meant to be S&W's answer to the Detective Special - a 6-shot revolver smaller than their existing snubnose Model 10. If they don't want to revisit the original design, perhaps they could upscale the existing Bodyguard BG38.

I'd also like to see a modern revision of the S&W M-frame Ladysmith or Rossi Princess. Ideally, the updated version would have a cylinder large enough for 5-shots of .327 Federal Magnum, 6-shots of .22 Magnum, or 7-shots of .22 LR.
My wackiest idea would be for a breaktop revolver with a barrel firing from the bottom charge hole of the cylinder.  That in itself would not be terribly odd, except for the idea that it would be striker-fired.  Going one step further, you could use a center pin serving double-duty as a gas piston.  You could either use the piston to rotate the cylinder or simply reset the striker.


1: MRX. Modular Revolver. Multi-Caliber, Multi-Length, Optic Ready

Top Break frame, SA/DA.

Barrel housing is rectangular, giving a similar look to the MP412 REX. Front and rear sights (Target rear, tritium insert serrated ramp front) are dovetailed in, but may be removed altogether and replaced with optic or BUIS as the entire space between is a 1913 rail. Target rear, tritium insert serrated ramp front.

Barrel housing can be adjusted to 2, 4, 6, or 8 inch lengths using spacer segments between frame interfacing segment and fixed frontal segment.

Barrel caliber can be changed by inserting tool provided and stored in grim frame cavity into teeth inset around muzzle front. Unscrew barrel until unlocks, slide out. Replace. Barrel max size is .45 caliber, min size is .22 caliber. Screw in barrels can be had in 2 - 8 inch lengths to accommodate use.

Cylinder is unfluted with 5 shot capacity. Default cylinder size is 45. caliber and strength rated to handle up to 454 casull. Cylinder sizing can be adjusted using drop in inserts which affix beneath ratchet and extractor (selective eject) which are removed using reverse side of same tool used to remove barrel inserts. Cylinder inserts are titanium and center cartridge on appropriate barrel. Both barrel insert and cylinder insert are sold together and marked with unique shaped visual indicators to warn against mis-matched use. Smaller caliber inserts are not solid tubes like larger inserts, but are instead, a tube within a shell.

Frame is overbuilt to handle high pressure loads. Trigger and hammer weight are user adjustable with recommended settings provided with caliber kits. Hammer is commander style and can have an insert screwed into the side to allow manipulation below a long optic.

Grips are modular with various levels of padding/thickness to be added or subtracted as needed for caliber or ergonomic concerns. Grip adjustments are made using single piece rear/side rubber insert which affixes to grip frame from rear.

2: uh… Well, there’s that while twin barrel drill gatling 22 thing I mentioned. Everyone else has plausible ideas!

3: yeah. There’s way more rifle/carbine ideas I could legit go on about but I’m kinda at a loss on handguns. For instance, I’d love something in between a Deerfield and an M1 Carbine, but in like .500 S&W with like an 8 round mag.

The Listeners:

Erik Chesney:  I'd like to see HK reinvent the P7M8 and M13 with a polymer frame and a traditional slide stop. Although that isn't exactly a totally new design, I don't care. It would be cool 😁.

A LCP sized .22LR with a 21A style tip up barrel. There would have to be an engineering feat to get it thinner than the Beretta design with the springs in the grip. For that matter, a .380 and .32 the size of a G19 would be great with a tip up barrel for those with infirmities as  Wish the 86 Cheetah's were still around, but a lighter striker fired trigger would be ideal.

Brett: I would like something along the lines of a Sig P226 , only chambered in 38/357. With a threaded barrel and matching suppressor.

I would fully expect to be required to change recoil springs to cycle with subsonic ammo. I would also like a slide lock feature to fire one shot ( ultra quiet ) without cycling a round.

Matt: An integrally suppressed gas Delayed blowback 9mm handgun running off Glock mags and setup for slide mounted optics from the factory.

Manuel: A single stack PPQ would be my ideal: thin enough to carry with the ergonomics of the full size, including the lovely slide release button and awesome trigger. I can now see why Pincus is going the way he is going with his new project. I personally (perhaps until I drop more weight) can only comfortably carry single stacks, though I will try double stacks soon again. So the advantage of having, say, 8-11 rounds of 9mm in a single stack is useful.

Ryan G: I'd like to see a steel framed, single stack, d/a handgun slightly larger than the Walther PPK/s chambered in 10mm (I'd take same size but that round will require extra room in the grip). I'd like to see this gun be equipped with a slide release and a decocker, as well as a good fast acquisition sights like XS big dots.

Matt M: I would be good if S&W remade the 632-1 or a "real" model 27 (deep top strap checkering/countersunk charge holes

A striker fired, single stack .32 ACP pistol with a Browning action that is the size of a Glock 19. For people with weak hand strength that can't rack a more powerful guns slide and want a self defense pistol. Also for people with smaller hands that have trouble with double stack mags. .32 ACP is a round with a long history as a self defense round but it's mostly found in small handguns. Smaller pistols are harder to aim and usually blowback so it's harder to rack the slide. A 4.5 inch barrel and 10 to 12 rounds of .32 ACP is a good pistol

Chad: 1911 size handle, grip angle, and trigger reach. Striker fired, no safety/safeties. Undercut trigger guard, ambi mag release. 4-4.25" barrel, front and rear cocking serrations. Good sights (fiber optic front) 9mm w/13+ capacity, and a flip selector switch on the back of the slide for 2 round burst.


Until Next Week, Have Fun and Safe Shooting!!!!!!